A woman from Cili County, Hunan Province, China, claimed that her mother died under mysterious circumstances in a hospital after being questioned for over four hours at a local police station on June 14, 2023, around 10 o’clock. Afterward, dozens of special police officers were stationed at the doorstep and forcibly took away the body of her mother.

According to her daughter, her mother had injuries and blood around her mouth, but the police said she fell in the restroom, resulting in only external injuries. It is unlikely for someone in their fifties to sustain such injuries from a fall, which raises doubts. Moreover, the surveillance footage was said to be broken, adding to the suspicious circumstances. They urgently requested a forensic examination in another location to seek the truth and ensure fairness for both sides. They only seek justice and the real facts of the matter.

  1. The official report stated that she voluntarily surrendered, but the daughter’s video mentioned that she voluntarily went to undergo questioning. There is a distinction between the two statements. If it is the former, theoretically, she would have voluntarily explained the situation. However, if it is the latter, she might have been entangled in some way, and it is uncertain how the questioning went.
  2. Distinguishing between injuries caused by a natural fall and those caused by human intervention should be relatively straightforward with modern forensic techniques.
  3. The lack of any surveillance video or law enforcement recorder data makes it difficult to ascertain the truth. If something that should be present according to regulations is missing, it becomes highly suspicious.

People don’t just suddenly die for no reason unless they have been beaten to death by experienced individuals in certain organizations. These individuals may not show any signs of physical abuse, but their internal organs could be ruptured. In such cases, if someone asks you to cremate the body quickly, you must firmly refuse and demand an autopsy to uncover the truth. Regardless of the cause, a person’s death while in custody is a serious responsibility for the police station, and the individuals involved, including the station chief, should be held accountable. Additionally, an investigation should be conducted in a different location to provide an explanation to the deceased’s family.

If there is surveillance footage from the time of entry until the onset of symptoms, which can prove that no forced confessions were involved, then the official report can be considered valid. Otherwise, the matter of a person’s life and death is of utmost importance, and the investigators, station chief, and bureau chief would essentially end their careers, with no chance of clearing their names. Compensation for the family can be negotiated, but if they demand accountability instead of compensation, it becomes more complicated.

Transparency eliminates rumors. Trustworthiness eliminates doubts. Public disclosure eliminates further questioning. Fairness eliminates public anger.

It takes half a month to investigate the rat head case, relative post: https://www.weiy.city/2023/06/the-rat-head-in-the-cafeteria-of-jiangxi-industrial-vocational-and-technical-college/.

How about the value of a human life?

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