Just a few days after the school started, a shocking incident in Changsha, China, left countless parents terrified. A male teacher used a protractor to shatter a female student’s skull, causing her brain to be exposed. The girl took several days to regain consciousness. What’s even more despairing is that it took over two hours for the class teacher to inform the student’s family about the incident. The initial reaction of the school was to hastily suture the girl’s wound without conducting a thorough examination. They also warned all the students not to disclose the information, and everything was handled in a seemingly orderly manner.

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早上好!由于我孩子刘语辰在教室内被宋雨明老师残忍伤害一事在群内打扰大家了。这不是老师,是杀人凶手,如此凶狠残暴,不配老师二字,在家长内心学校是最安全,老师是最神圣的,可是就在今天下午我孩子被考师打伤,事发俩个多小时后班主任才通知我。学校老师带着我的孩子在没有做任何检查的情况下偷偷缝合,如此之大的伤口,你们怎么下的了手,轻易决定。学校是何居心?这是一群黑心坏人,当我接到班主任电话时医生正准备缝合,我在电话里再三恳求医生和老师十万不要缝合,等我到了检查后再确定方案。(医生和考师一再劝说要马上缝合,你们是人吗?人心何在?) 结果出来了,马上开颅手术,脑浆出来了,写到这我已是泪流满面,孩子经过了近5小时的开颅手术,把老师打碎的头骨和插进脑骨内的异物取了出来,现已残缺的颅骨使用的是钢板修补,现在正处危险期,但愿老天保佑我孩的人生才刚开始, 她也想爬上山顶看看美丽的风景, 这一切的一切就这样被这杀人凶手给毁了。孩子是我们的一切,是我们的命, 我真诚的建议您们每天一定要 关心孩子在校的情况,让悲剧不再重演! 抱歉,打扰大家了! 愿2003班的孩子们永远健康平安!

Class 2003 Home-School Communication Group (108)

Dear Parents,

Good morning! I apologize for disturbing everyone in the group this morning due to a grave incident involving my child, Liu Yuchen, being brutally harmed by Teacher Song Yuming within the classroom. This individual is not a teacher; he is a murderer. His brutality and viciousness are beyond words, and he doesn't deserve to be called a teacher. In the hearts of parents, schools are supposed to be the safest place, and teachers are considered sacred. However, it was just this afternoon that my child was injured by the teacher, and it took over two hours for the class teacher to inform me about the incident. The school teachers secretly sutured my child's wound without conducting any examinations. With such a significant injury, how could you make such a hasty decision? What are the intentions of the school? These are a group of heartless individuals. When I received the call from the class teacher, the doctor was already preparing for sutures. I repeatedly pleaded with the doctor and the teacher over the phone not to suture the wound and to wait for me to arrive for a proper evaluation. (The doctor and the teacher kept urging for immediate suturing; are you still human? Where is your compassion?) The results came out, and an immediate cranial surgery was performed, with brain matter exposed. As I write this, my tears are flowing, and my child has undergone nearly 5 hours of cranial surgery to remove the broken skull and foreign object inserted into the brain by the teacher. The damaged skull has been repaired with a steel plate. She is currently in a critical condition, and I hope that God will protect my child's young life, as she still wishes to climb to the mountaintop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. All of this has been destroyed by this murderer. Our child is our everything, our life. I sincerely advise each of you to pay close attention to your child's situation at school every day, so that such a tragedy never repeats itself! I apologize for disturbing everyone. May the children of Class 2003 always be healthy and safe!

Even the official report referred to the act of driving the protractor directly into the head as “injury to the frontal region.”

If it weren’t for the mother’s medical knowledge and her timely intervention to prevent the doctor from closing the wound, the consequences could have been unimaginable.

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9月6口卜午,岳麓区博才梅澳湖小学南校区一名学生站伤。据初步诧调查, 系该校四年级教师宋某明在组织课后服务时致该学生额部受伤。事发




Yuelu District Education Bureau Situation Report

On September 6th, 2023, at noon, a student at the South Campus of Bocai Meiao Lake Primary School in Yuelu District suffered an injury. According to the preliminary investigation, it was caused by the school's fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Song, during the organization of an after-school activity, resulting in an injury to the student's forehead. After the incident, the injured student was promptly taken to the hospital for treatment.

Currently, our bureau has suspended the Party Secretary of the school and the implicated teacher, Mr. Song. Mr. Song is also under investigation by the public security authorities.

In the follow-up, our bureau will make every effort to organize the medical treatment for the injured student, and relevant authorities will handle the individuals involved in strict accordance with the law and regulations. At the same time, our bureau will comprehensively strengthen teacher ethics and conduct as well as student safety management.

Yuelu District Education Bureau

After nearly 5 hours of brain surgery, the shattered skull and foreign object lodged in the brain were finally removed, and the damaged skull was repaired with a steel plate. The girl eventually survived.

I believe that every parent reading this would feel a sense of unease: What if my child were to encounter a similar situation? Can we still trust the teachers and the school? How can we protect our children? Although the victim’s family remained restrained and dignified, apologizing to the class after posting a message in the class group, “Sorry for disturbing everyone! May the children of Class 2003 always be healthy and safe!” the class teacher promptly appeared to stop any further discussion.

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Dear Parents and Friends, 
the police have initiated an investigation, and the school will fully cooperate with all aspects of the investigation and evidence collection. We kindly request everyone's patience while awaiting a fair and just resolution from all parties involved. Together, let us pray for the safety and well-being of our children.

Did you see it? After the incident of violence, the abusive teacher, the class teacher, the school, and local authorities quickly formed a strong defensive front against the parents. This is the most despairing aspect of the situation. While the actions of the teacher who committed the violence are undoubtedly reprehensible, it is, after all, an isolated incident. I believe that the majority of teachers would not stoop to this level. However, each time a heinous incident occurs, the relevant institutions immediately close ranks, protecting themselves against the victims. This phenomenon is a hundred times more frightening than the violence itself.

The act of concealing the truth can play out in any public institution composed of interest groups, be it schools, hospitals, state-owned enterprises, government departments… ultimately becoming an impenetrable fortress.

When something goes wrong with a child at school, the family becomes the enemy! When something goes wrong with a patient at the hospital, the family becomes the enemy! When something goes wrong with an employee at a company, the family becomes the enemy! In order to protect the interests of their respective groups, they can form alliances with wrongdoers, lose their humanity, prioritize their stance over basic principles of right and wrong, and even disregard the law. They become cold and ruthless, treating the lives of victims as expendable.

As Chinese Weibo influencer Chu Mingyu said, “When faced with the truth, each one of them chose to remain silent. In their hearts, they are part of a collective, and in the face of the collective’s interests, the truth doesn’t seem so important, and the lives of patients don’t seem so significant.”

Is there anything more terrifying than this?

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