Rank game


On Friday, he called his best friend and me to play rank game. This is cousin’s rank rising game, his level will be King as long as we win it. All of us, together, want to make my cousin’s wish come true.

Promotion game didn’t go well, my opponent is Ya Se who is stronger than my hero. I had to develop my economy under the protect of the defensive tower. In the middle road, our teammate Xiao Qiao confront the enemy Wan Er. In the down road, Yuan Fang fight enemy shooter Sun Shang Xiang. Cousin’s hero Lu Na is harassed by enemy Niu Mo from time to time. Lu Na is as weak as a super soldier when she is not reach level 4. Fortunately, our wild area’s resource is protected with the help of the teammate Xiang Yu. The opposite side kept attacking us with a good start. The enemy hero Sun Wukong caught me 3 times, Wan Er flied without harm of defensive tower to kill our teammates. After seven minutes in the game, Ya She bully Lu Na with his sword and silence skill in the wild area. During a field battle, Lu Na’s unique skill was interrupted by Ya She and finally killed by Sun Wukong. The complacent monkey made fun of the dead Lu Na, I opened the economic panel and watched the widening economic gap between the two sides. My mood turned from depression to almost despair.


晋级赛总是一波三折,和我对线的是亚瑟,对面前期强势,我一度只能猥琐在塔下默默发育。中路我方小乔和敌方上官婉儿苦苦纠缠,下路李元芳对线大小姐孙尚香,表弟的露娜则时不时地被对面牛魔骚扰发育。没到四级的露娜弱得像跟超级兵,幸运地是打辅助的项羽不断游走支援,我们的野区才没被反烂。对面凭借良好的开局不断对我方发起攻击。对方打野孙悟空抓了我3次,上官婉儿一支笔秀的飞起,各种越塔强杀。比赛进行到7分钟,亚瑟一手沉默加大宝剑开始肆无忌惮地闯进野区欺负露娜。在一次野区 保卫战中,露娜被亚瑟沉默断大,最后被猴子一棍子抬走。得意的猴子在尸体边回城嘲讽,我打开经济面板,看着双方不断拉大的经济差,情绪由沮丧变成几乎绝望。

Inner thought


In waiting for the resurrection of dozens of seconds, the whole team sounded the voice of cousin:

“I always do things by halves. When I was at school, I was addicted to Internet cafes because I could not understand the boring text symbols in textbooks. When I was in college, I gave up on myself because my school was lousy and I didn’t see a good career path. When looking for a job outside, the salary is low, the overtime is too much, and the boss often oppress the young people, so I awalys leave after six months. In recent years, I finally calmed down to focus on live streaming. I don’t have the skills to make a living, I don’t have a good education background, I don’t have the family background to help myself, and now I only have the love of e-sports and live streaming. This game, let’s not give up, okay? In this virtual world, every one of us is a soldier, only to die in battle, no defeat!”

Yes, the real world is a cruel place, one mistake can bring destructive consequences. There are too many evaluation systems and too few trial and error opportunities for ordinary people. There is no man who born to be outliers of mainstream values. They just want to be able to survive on this planet, to do their best for the little dream they have in their hearts, to be accepted by their families.

Ten years ago, you took me to fade green and immature, ten years later, I accompany you to chase your ideal.







I no longer want to fight with Ya She, give full play to my hero’s ability to push the tower, bring the line of soldiers from the up road to the down road. This action brought free time for Lu Na and Li Yuanfang to grow. Ya She chased me down and wanted to kill my hero, threatened to beat me at high ground. I got what I wanted. Without Ya She’s silence skill, Lu Na took off the red buff and blue buff in the wild area. The situation began to change.

The important moment came, the Storm Dragon King refresh. The monkey use his stick to beat wild monster, Sun Shangxiang also rushed to the dragon pit to support with Niu Mo’s accompany. Ya She is about to strike the dragon King with a fatal blow.

I lurked in the grass nearby, and when he passed by, I knew it was the moment. Use the unique skill of Lao Fuzi to bind Ya She, add normal attack to speed up to refresh my second skill to withstand his unique skill. Yuan Fang sprang from behind him and use first skill to mark enemy, we cooperate to kill Ya She. The other side is in a bad situation, and refused to give up the dragon king, dragon claw drop down, hit the people, I moved to the enemy shooter’s side and pull her over, general attack accumulated admonish value, use the second skill to block the missile, Xiao Qiao use her fan to send her back to the spring. At the same time, Lu Na showed her amazing ability, she controled distance, showed V word float, Z word float, with monkey and Niu Mo as the pedal, steal the storm dragon king, the second skill traction Wan Er, there are many moon marks on the heads of wild monster around us and opponents. Lu Na move across the enemys. The announcement of the triple kill of the Moonlight’s Daughter rang through the canyon. After the group battle, our 2 for the opposite 5, with the momentum of thunder to destroy the other side crystal! Cousin’s game level increase to the top king!




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