First meet


After the entrance examination, I left the township school and went to the city to study in senior high school. My cousin’s family had come to the city earlier, and they lived in an older residential building on the edge of Langzhong Ancient Town.

For the first time in city life, I was curious, careful and afraid to cross the street. In contrast, my young cousin was more like an old brother, he took me to the ancient city street to play, pulled me to the vegetable market and bargain with the boss, and enjoyed ice cream. Grandma warned my cousin don’t bring me bad influence, but cousin was proud to claim that this is to let me increase knowledge. In fact, I was grateful to my cousin. With his company, I got used to live in the city, the place known as the birthplace of the Spring Festival — Langzhong. I became confident quickly, met my high school classmates and got new friends.

My cousin was keen on exploring new things. He knew every shortcut and stall in the old city by heart. I followed my cousin to buy a lot of comics, the most favorite Animation works was Detective Conan, we also went to the Internet cafe directly to see the latest animation story. We two often go to the ancient city to eat thick soup beef noodles, until now, I have never found such delicious beef noodles in Chengdu!


我头一遭进城市生活,处处好奇,事事小心,过个马路都提心吊胆。相比之下,表弟更像是哥哥,他带我去古城溜街串巷,拉着我去菜市场和老板讨价还价,买了雪糕去网吧逍遥快活。婆婆警告表弟别把我带坏了,表弟却自豪地宣称这是让我长见识。我心底里感激表弟,在他的陪伴下,我迅速融入了这座城市,那个号称春节发源地的地方 —— 阆中。我很快变得自信,认识了高中同学,有了新的朋友。




Time flied, I became a student of grade three in high school. My cousin went to Internet cafes more frequently, and his family was worried about his studies. In spite of his repeated promises to study hard, we all saw that he lost interest in books.

Before going to college, we met once again, cousin complained to me the textbooks was boring, not as wonderful as Internet cafe games. I advised him that the book’s knowledge will be useful in the future, my cousin retorted, “can the laws of mechanics and conical curve you learned be used in real life?” I can’t say anything, “but you need to learn something”. After that, I went to another city to study in college, and the contact with my cousin became less and less. I heared from his relatives that he had gone elsewhere to s. Cousin had his own dream, he left home and called family less, the relationship between his father and him became tense gradually, he became a disobedient bad child in the impression of his family.



Mobile game


After graduation, I came to Chengdu and was slapped twice by the real society. During those difficult times, I couldn’t open my mouth completely like a normal person, had a vague feeling that something was wrong with my occlusal joints, and was afraid to tell it to my family. Until I was no longer adrift, a friend introduced me to do orthodontics. The correction program has the removal of wisdom teeth, it is so painful after the tooth extraction that I woke up twice in the night. I downloaded the mobile game Honor of Kings that all my friends have played. Focusing on the game made me less painful. My game skills was improved quickly and my game levels continued to increase during the time. When the mobile signal is bad on the subway, I will turn on the man-machine mode and use game role Lao Fuzi against Lv Bu. 毕业以后,我来到成都,被社会扇了两次巴掌后慢慢站稳脚跟。在之前那段艰难岁月中,我嘴巴无法像正常人一样完全张开,隐约感觉到咬合关节出现问题,不敢告诉家人。直到自己不再漂泊不定,在朋友的介绍下去做牙齿矫正。矫正方案中有拔除智齿的环节,拔牙之后很疼的,晚上给我疼醒了2次。我下载了朋友们都玩过的手游王者荣耀,专注游戏中,让我减轻了痛苦。也是在那段时间,我的游戏技术突飞猛进,段位节节攀升。在地铁上信号不好,我会打开人机模式用老夫子对抗吕布。



The Spring Festival came, I went home to see my cousin, he lost some weight. Over dinner, I found a chance to ask him what he was doing. “He said proudly, Mobile game technology anchor. “Bah, it’s still a game.” Uncle complained in disgust, I protect my cousin, anchor is very promising. The commonly used game role that cousin plays is assassin, the most commonly used hero is the most difficult hero Lu Na. According to him, these kind of operational heroes are good to watch. I made a note of my cousin’s studio and went into the room when I was free. Cousin usually live very late, so he can miss the broadcast time of the big anchor, there are few people in the studio, but my cousin is very serious. He closed his microphone and played, explained to the audience his ideas of fighting wild monsters, how to bring soldiers. Lu Na was flexible in his hands, and the economy rose quickly. My send message: 666

Later, when I returned to Chengdu, I had a good work-life balance. One afternoon, my cousin asked me about the game, my game level was just ZhuanShi, cousin has been in XingYao for a long time. He said he wanted to become the king level so that he could attract more fans. I accept his invitation to play game, but only at night.



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