Ping-pong past

5、Lose game


The score became 0-2 in a short time.

In our games, the first person to score 11 goals in each game wins the game. After 10 ties, he must play to win the game by 2 points, just like in standard table tennis. But we’re three out of five. Would the third grader be swept away? I can’t accept that result, the number of people who have gathered to notice the match was increasing!

In the rest of the match, I became more aggressive, speeding up my returns and hitting them back almost as soon as they dropped, much like volley tennis. The change make the opponent confused, the speed of the game rhythm let him like a fish out of water, I stole the game.

The score is 1:2

However, there was a gap between the two of us that could not be ignored. My younger brother kept steady and made me tired in defense by combining long and short balls with left and right movements. His sliced ball was revived again like a flexible rabbit. He won two games in a row to reach the final.






6、Encourage before the game


“As long as you fall behind in the beginning, it is difficult to reverse the situation even if you work hard. As with ping-pong, so with your physics lesson!”

I jerked out of my sleep with those words ringing in my ears, as if someone had videotaped the audio and played it around me. It was just one game, and I can’t believe it when I say it. Enter the final is the younger student and Shuai, they will be in tomorrow afternoon to decide the champion. The respective classes were proud and excited to be represented.

At lunch the next day, I told him to be careful with his slice, his unpredictable bounce, his length, and his mentality. Shuai frowned. “Who am I? Relax, I’m sure to win.”




7、Chop serve


Here we go!

With the help of the referee, the two players drew lots and decided that the younger brother would serve first. A topspin shot went straight into the backhand of Shuai. Shuai, who played with the horizontal style, was more natural in defending the backhand than a straight player and easily handled this scene. Shuai is quick to react, forward half a step, a powerful forehand looping the ball in front of the net oblique to the back corner of the table for a point! “Good shot!” The crowd cheered, I jumped up happily. Maybe it was my warning that made him prepared better, maybe he was confident with his forehand looping, but that slice was blocked!

As the game went on, the score of the first game became 4:4. The young student served, his eyes emit cold lights, thrown ball high, squat down when the ball fall, cut the ping-pong with the racket front side, yellow ball was endowed with vitality, like a water snake swift attack Shuai, service ace!

What was that?

Is it the chop serve of Ding Ning, the main force of the national Women’s table tennis team? Even the referee teacher felt incredible, felt surprised at the younger player. In the next time, as long as it is the boy’s serve, that serve will win the score. Shuai quickly lost the first set. Is that really such a powerful serve? After I watched it several times, I found that the opponent’s ball path was changeable, the drop point could be positive or negative, long or short. What’s worse, his speed and power were amplified, and even there was rotation! I don’t blame Shuai for being defeated. So, before the final, the students didn’t even put up all the strength to play? What a scary guy. What are we gonna do, Shuai?






8、Get stuck in a difficulty


The second game began quickly.

Generally speaking, the squat cut serve used by the younger students is usually used by the horizontal plate players, because the characteristics of the serve are destined to force the straight plate grip method is not as convenient as the horizontal plate, but we rarely play this kind of serve before, most people will eat the serve. The boy use similar movements to cut topspin, backspin, and sometimes no spin. 6:11, Shuai lost the second again. It’s very similar to the dilemma I faced, if not worse. The hope of an upset is almost equal to zero, all the students in Grade Three feel deep despair of such a situation. There is no miracle in this world, is there?

“Give me your racket.” Shuai said to me in the crowd. I handed my table tennis racket to Shuai from my side. “I haven’t lost the final game yet. Don’t be so depressed.” Maybe a change of racket for a change of luck, I encouraged him, “Come on, beat him!”

Even if I am in trouble, I will not give up the fight – that is what Shuai must be thinking at this moment.



“把你的球拍给我。”阿帅朝人群中的我说。我从身旁把自己的乒乓球拍交给了阿帅。“我还没输呢,你们这是什么表情?” 也许是换个球拍之后能换个好运气,我鼓励他,“加油,打爆他!”

即使陷入四面楚歌,你等着,我一定绝地里还以颜色 —— 这应该就是阿帅此刻的内心想法。

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