Ping-pong past

1、Start to play the ping-pong ball


In the fourth grade of primary school, our township school had a concrete table tennis table, the students got a new sport in addition to the half of the basketball court – often occupied by the teacher. Shuai and I was at the same class, always play together, we have saved enough money to buy a table tennis racket, occupied the field and play with friends together in free time.

The table is not standard enough, after a few days, the net may be torn, and then simply replaced with a few pieces of red brick head. I was playing with straight plate style, Shuai had horizontal plate style, the bad conditions never affect our passion to play, on Sunday, we often came to school early, after lunch, we can play from two o ‘clock to six o ‘clock in the afternoon, sweating, panting back to the dormitory, changed clothes after a simple rest to eat dinner. In the evening under the leadership of the teacher we would start the evening study, I was often distracted, the rapid movements of table tennis appeared in my mind from time to time.



2、The emergence of a strong enemy


In the fifth grade, our class changed the math teacher, the new teacher was strict and unsmiling, he had another bad habit we secretly tease – like to stay in classroom in rest time, after the bell rang, he was always a few minutes late to let us to rest. If his lessons were continuous, it wouldn’t even stop in the middle rest time. Our physical education lesson did not escape his clutches, many times we were on the middle of the physical education lesson time, the math teacher went to the side of physical education teacher, a laugh after two people reached a secret agreement. Math teacher soon announced that all students went back to the classroom to learn in the rest of the time. we were unwilling to leave the table tennis table, but had to leave. After that, the only time we could play without interference was after dinner, after lunch, after evening study and on weekends.

In summer, there is a lot of rain, and it often rains suddenly. This feeling of ruin reminded us of the unwillingness to be dominated by the math teacher. However, I often saw a pair of skinny boys who don’t want to leave the table in the rain. Occasionally I could also hear one of the buzz of encouragement, “It’s raining very little, let’s continue to play.” They used bricks to sweep branches off the table, and then play in the rain, the boy is really youthful!



3、Study trouble


In junior high school, Shuai and I were divided into different classes, we grew up, but still like to play table tennis together. I heard that Shuai was getting better and better in Class 1. The head teacher thinks he should have the hope to be admitted to the best middle school in the city. And I was still original level. In the eighth grade, the concepts of current, circuit, voltmeter, Ohm’s law and so on began to appear in the physics course of junior high school. It was difficult for me to learn them. In the classroom test arranged by the teacher, my thought became confused under the concepts about circuits in series and parallel. There is another year for the high school entrance examination, I look like a waste? On the way home from school, I have been moping, Shuai noticed that I talk a lot less, asked me about the recent troubles, I poured out my troubles.

“What are you afraid of? To learn it again.”

“I’m not as smart as you. The teacher won’t stop. The gap just snowballed and I was panicked.”

“Just relax and practice. Be optimistic.”

I knew Shuai’s words are right, but I was still not confident, now physics is completely beyond my understanding, a bad subject effect the science departments. The future is uncertain.






4、Table tennis school competition

4、 乒乓校赛

In the third year, the school held a sports competition. This time, it was different from the past. Table tennis was included as an event for the first time. Anyone can take part in the competition.

That’s what we’re good at. I signed up with Shuai. I had eliminated three opponents with good status, expected to be the final winner. I was in a happy mood and optimistic heading into the final.

In the next match, my opponent is that close-cut schoolboy, his playing is also straight grip style, he went to the table with sharp eyes, I feel bad. Sure enough, he was different from previous students. He was not only good at dashing ball, but also had no weakness in both his left and right hands. He was also a man who played with his mind and liked to play with violent circular shots and slice shots. I was exasperated by his slice, which was short and had its own spin. I was struggling to get it back, and he was ready, crouching, bending forward, and powering the ball like a beam of light over the net to take the point. I stared at the table. Was there really nothing I could do?




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