Ping-pong past

9、Immune to serve


The game is on for the third inning.

The yellow water snake swam across the net again and directly into the backhand of Shuai. Shuai, who was holding the racket transversely, changed the head of the snake with a quick tear by force, which evolved into a laser beam hitting the opposing table, and scored by the return ball!

“That’s so cool!” The crowd erupted in excitement and the referee signaled for attention to the competition atmosphere. Is the squat chop serve not working? No, it seems that using this serve for two games in a row has caused some fatigue on the wrist of the student who uses the straight serve. Meanwhile, Shuai was also getting used to the opponent’s serve. Every time the opponent serves, Shuai carefully watches the opponent’s every movement, predict the drop and spin of the ball. No matter how good a person is at table tennis, some of his subtle habits cannot be changed in a short time. And whether forehand or backhand, as long as the ball height and drop point to be given enough, he can use quick tear and forehand loop to play a threat ball to the opponent. It seems that the student also realized that his serve was no longer as effective as before, and he began to use a combination of normal serve and chop serve against Shuai. The situation quietly changed, 11:8. Shuai winned the game, the big score became 1:2.




10、Absolute defense


The fourth inning.

His short serve was blocked by Shuai’s forehand. The two sides soon entered the stalemate stage. Shuai pressed the ping-pong ball very low every time when he returned the ball, and did not give his opponent the chance to hit the ball. The young brother attacked again and again, but all were played back by Shuai, perfect start as 3:0. As the game go on, the young student performance is a little impatient, he always want to play violent circle, but did not cross the net. “Did you notice that the senior class student barely moved his feet this game?” The younger students around me showed a surprised expression. Yes, this is the magic of table tennis that Shuai and I have seen together: the absolute defense of the world’s No.1 women’s table tennis player Zhang Yining! No matter how aggressive the opponent’s approach, no matter how severe the attack, no matter how often the attack, the legendary player returned each ball like a tai chi master, each return with even more power and spin than the previous attack. As the number of hits increases, the opponent’s state of mind will gradually change, from confusion, to frustration, and finally despair! The final score is 11:6. We’re finally catching up. It’s 2-2!



11、Risky tactics


The deciding game.

At such an important moment, it would be logical for players to use their best shots to win. But every time I see the younger student’s unwilling eyes, I know this game will not be so smooth sailing. The attack of the student is more and more fierce, he will play his straight style to the extreme, depends on the first three boards of an attack to win the game, the number of turns per game was compressed by him in three, losing or winning depends on the first three rounds. The starting score was 2:3. Both of them are the best players in the whole school. One is straight and aggressive , the other is elegant and stable. Now it depends on whose willpower is stronger in controlling the game. Shuai’s basic skills are very solid, and the ability to take more shots is very strong, which has been seen in the fourth game, if the game were playing a long time, it’s unfavorable to the younger brother. So now the student used the risky tactic from 04 Athens Olympic Games Korean table tennis player Liu Chengmin to the Chinese athlete Wang Hao – fight and kill, in that Olympic Games, Liu Chengmin used fight tactics to disrupt the rhythm of Wang Hao’s game, in fact, it’s more possible for Wang Hao has the chance to win the final championship, But Wang lost the game. It left an unforgettable regret to the Chinese table tennis team. This tactic is to burn one’s Bridges, give the opponent great psychological pressure at the same time, but the probability of their own mistakes is also increasing, the younger brother is a really fighter. Hold on, Shuai! Shuai’s class teacher called a pause, giving Shuai a chance to adjust. I was a little far away from them, surrounded by other students in the audience, and couldn’t hear their conversation.


到了这么重要的时刻,按理说参赛选手都会用自己最擅长的击球技巧来获取最终的胜利。但是每当我看到寸头学弟的不甘眼神,我知道这场比赛不会那么一帆风顺。学弟的攻击越来越凶狠,他将自己的直板打球风格发挥到极致,前三板抢攻决胜负,每一个球的比赛回合被他压缩在三个,是输是赢就看前三个回合。开局比分2:3。两个人的球技都是全校顶点的存在,直板霸道凌厉,横板高雅稳重,现在就看谁的意志力,对比赛的掌控力更强。阿帅的基本功非常扎实,多拍相持能力极强,这一点在第四局中已经见识了,比赛时间一长,对学弟是不利的。所以现在学弟采用了04年雅典奥运会韩国乒乓球运动员柳承敏对中国运动员王皓使用过的冒险战术 —— 搏杀,在那一次奥运会上,柳承敏使用搏杀战术打乱了王皓的比赛节奏,让当时拥有直板横拉技术,极具夺冠机会的王皓败下阵来,给中国乒乓球队留下了难以忘却的遗憾。这种战术可谓是破釜沉舟,自断后路,给对手极大心理压力的同时,自己失误的几率也不断增大,这位学弟真的是拼了。阿帅,挺住啊! 阿帅的班主任叫了个暂停,给了阿帅调整的机会。我离他们有点距离,周围还有其他的学生观众,听不清他们的谈话。

12、The brave are fearless


Went back at the game, Shuai dropped his absolute defensive posture and added sporadic steps insteadly. The younger student seized the opportunity to play the ball, a yellow lightning through a Shuai’s right hand below, the score was 9:8. The students around the table applauded for the kill, while our junior students were worried about Shuai. This game was really wonderful. Why did you drop your absolute defense, Shuai?

In the face of the younger brother’s attack, Shuai began his fight back, perhaps he is to tell everyone, the horizontal plate can also be sharp and strong. The yellow ball fell in the rear was like the arc of the full moon in the sky. The student didn’t expect that Shuai could return the ball in such a tough way, so he was forced to defend it with a straight board. The height of the rebound was not well controlled, so Shuai instantly moved to the front and shot a powerful smash. The ball hit the center of the table with the force of a tiger and jumped high over the shoulder of the student. The opponent looked stunned. The score became 9:9. Since this goal, he has more momentum, attack and defense has changed. With the student hitting the net at last, the teacher announced the end of the game, and Shuai completed a 0-2 to 3-2 upwind upset! All of us came to him and gathered around him and cheered for him.

Not afraid of falling behind too much, but in the process of falling behind to give up research and progress. Shuai swing again and again in my mind, thank you for your inspiration.







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