Here’s a pencil drawing for you(2)



The new International College Students Hand-painted Art and Design Competition began soon, Li Sichen found Ye Yunzhou, “Go to contribute, we all know you can definitely win the award!”
“I haven’t painted for a long time. I’m rusty.”
“Let that history go. It’s not your fault.”
“I’m not interested at Hand-drawing contests right now.”
“You may forget, but that’s your hobby and your talent. Let’s make a bet. If I can draw a pencil picture as good as you were in your prime, you’ll enter the competition, and if I lose, I’ll take care of dinner every time we meet for the rest of the semester.”
Ye looked at Li in surprise. “You don’t usually draw much. Now there is only one month before the final time for collecting works, and the contestants need time to prepare their works. You can’t win the bet”
“Don’t you dare?” ‘Li asked defiantly.
Ye looked at Li hesitantly for a moment and smiled easily. “Come on, you don’t have much time. You can’t ask anyone to help you.”
“Just get ready to take part in a competition.”

“不敢应战吗?” 李挑衅地问



Day by day, a week later, Li Sichen came to Ye Yunzhou with a stack of A4 papers and asked him to check if there was a painting he was satisfied with.
Ye felt incredible. They grew up together. How could Li Sichen learn to paint in just one week? Wait, there’s something wrong with the handwriting. It’s not a pencil. It’s more like a print. But it’s all about high school, the classroom, the playground, their graduation dinner, the highlight of their basketball game together.
“It’s very nice. It’s very thoughtful.”
“Going to the competition.”
“No problem. I will use a scene of us playing basketball for drawing.”
Ye Yunzhou went to the competition after all. He not only started painting again, but also planned to go back to his Alma mater with Li during the summer vacation.




Li Sichen’s persistence brought Ye back. During the week, he contacted his former high school classmates and younger students, collected their graduation photos, campus photos, and basketball videos secretly taken by those younger students who secretly loved Ye. After getting these photos and videos, he uses software to extract every frame of the video into a png image and then searches through all the files for the best quality images. The next step is to turn these color images into pencil drawings, and photoshop is up to the job. But to give Ye more time to prepare for the tournament, he must speed up. He spent time in the library, looked for various computer vision algorithms, and finally wrote conversion programs and scripts, which generated various pencil-style pictures in a very short time. Then take them to the print shop and print all out.
Ye Yunzhou knew that Li Sichen had been clever since childhood. These paintings were not drawn by him in pencil, but they must have been made by his efforts. Yes, there are many happy moments in high school life, they study for exams together, play ball games together, do radio gymnastics together on the playground, This society is developing, those violent incidents are getting farther and farther away, should not be trapped in that tragedy.

The flowers grow more beautiful,
The sky is brighter and brighter,
Our hearts are free,
Looking for a better future.





Convert video to images
Convert colorful image to pencil-style picture.


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