Here’s a pencil drawing for you (1)
送你一幅铅笔画 (1)



Ye Yunzhou and Li Sichen are a pair of very good friends in childhood, they play marbles together, play gobang together, go home from school together, the two had a very good friendship.
Ye Yunzhou loves drawing. He gets into the swing of things quickly when picks up a pencil and white paper to draw. Even though he is still in primary school, his works impress even his teachers sometimes.
Li Sichen showed his talent in mathematics. He was always the fastest in the class to solve the last big question on the paper, and got the highest score in this subject.
The talent of these two people spread out, the teacher in charge of his class put them to sit together after saw their friendship.
It was more convenient for Ye Yunzhou to ask Li Sichen mathematical problems that he did not understand, and Li Sichen pretended to ask for payment, specifically, what he said, Ye Yunzhou would draw something.




In high school, they often played basketball together. Ye Yunzhou received many love letters from girls because of his handsome appearance and painting ability.
The neighbor class student Chen Lang is jealous of it, the class belle refused his confession, but he turned to see class belle showed affection to Ye.
So on Sunday afternoon, he called his cousin, who had dropped out of school and did all kinds of bad things, to give the boy a kick in the pants. At that time, the public security was very bad, and there were often people in the street who were picking quarrels and provoking trouble. There were even group fights outside the school.
The cousin with two little brother swaggered from the school gate, they went to the class where the Ye was at, there were a few people in the classroom, Ye Yunzhou was sitting in the third row to read a novel. The gangster snatched the novel from Ye’s hands and dropped it on the ground.
“Got any money, boy?”
“No, no money.”
The other two younger brothers threw the books on the desk to the platform, Ye Yunzhou was frightened by this group of bullies, but he could not lose the textbook, tried to pick up the books on the ground. The leader pushed Ye to the ground and then stomped on Ye’s head frantically with his feet. Ye Yunzhou protected his head with his hands. At the height of an angry outburst, he grabbed a nearby stool and tried to throw it at the three men who had stepped on him. They were shocked, threw the textbooks from the floor out the window on the third floor and went away.




Others in the classroom looked at Ye sympathetically, someone helped him to find the book back, there are people secretly witnessed all this at the door but did not dare to extend a helping hand.
Someone told Li Sichen about it. Li Sichen rushed to the classroom in a hurry. Ye was still frightened and her angry lips trembled.
School leaders planed to prevent outsiders from entering the school gate after knew this thing, the school is safer than ever.
But from then on Ye stopped painting and sat in the classroom all day to learn just like a different person.
Li and Ye came home from school together, and Li, sensing something wrong with his partner, couldn’t help asking,
“What’s wrong with you? There’s a whole year left before the college entrance examination. Don’t be so nervous.”
“I’m not nervous. I just want to go to a good university like you.”
Li got what Ye was really thinking. By the third year of high school, Ye do physical exercise less and less, his body is no longer as healthy as before.
In PE class, all students began free activities after the teacher finished his speech. Ye always wanted to go back to the classroom secretly. Li would drag him again to play basketball.
“Play basketball, It’s not easy for you to catch a cold!”
Forced onto the court, Ye would receive a pass from Li and be encouraged to shoot. The sound of the basketball hitting the net is very beautiful. At this moment, students forget the exam, forget the homework, forget the fork in the future development road, and enjoy the happiness of dopamine secretion.




After the college entrance examination, they chose the same city, Shanghai. Their universities are very close to each other, and they often hang out on weekends. Summer vacation was coming, miss our old Senior high schooland go back to have a look. But that was just Li’s idea, and his offer was turned down, Ye saied that he wanted to take a driver’s license. Li went back along. He and his high school classmates had a meal together in their hometown and joked with each other, encouraging each other to get along well and would take refuge in the future. In their sophomore year, they would still make an appointment to play together each other. One day, Li asked carefully,
“Do you paint now?”
“No more.”
“Going back to school this summer? The old school friends want to see you.”
“It depends whether I can finish my driving test this semester.”
“Still hate high school?”
Ye did not answer and walked on quietly.
“It has changed. The roads have been widened and turned into concrete roads. Basketball courts have been added to the campus, more green plants were in the school. The security is much better than before.”
“I see.”
After that, neither man said anything more.

“现在画画吗? ”

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