The girl sitting near the door was using a curling iron to style her bangs. Suddenly, she tilted her head back and called out towards the direction of the bathroom, “Hey, Jing! Did Wang Youfu say we need to submit the social practice form? I forgot to get it stamped.”

“When I went to see him today, he didn’t mention anything about collecting it, but it’s probably better if you get it stamped just in case. He might ask for it in a few days,” Jing replied.

“This school is so annoying! Who wants to do social practice during the Spring Festival holiday? It’s all just formalities!” The girl with the curling iron frowned and threw the mirror onto the table.

Taking advantage of this break in the conversation, Shen Xingruo knocked on the door.

Jing, the girl who was called, had just come out of the bathroom, and both the girl with the curling iron and the one wearing a pink hoodie turned their heads towards the door.

“Hello, I’m Shen Xingruo, and I’ll be living here too,” Shen Xingruo introduced herself.

The air fell silent for a moment.

The three roommates stared at Shen Xingruo for about ten seconds, exchanging bewildered and blank looks.

“Oh… you’re the new transfer student, right?” Jing, who had just come out of the bathroom, suddenly realized. “Teacher Wang mentioned it today, but I almost forgot.”

She quickly approached, welcoming the unexpected new roommate standing at the door, and introduced herself with a hint of embarrassment, “Hi, I’m Zhai Jiajing.”

The other two roommates were still in a daze, their faces expressing disbelief, as if saying, “Wow… we actually have a transfer student in our class.”

It wasn’t until Zhai Jiajing led Shen Xingruo into the dorm room that the girl in the pink hoodie managed to shake off her stunned expression and adjusted her glasses. “Um, hi, I’m Shi Qin.”

Another voice came from behind, “Li Ting.”

Shen Xingruo turned around to look.

“Her name is Li Ting.” Zhai Jiajing quickly explained.

Oh, I see.

Shen Xingruo nodded.

When most people arrive in a new environment, they tend to feel awkward and unfamiliar with the locals. But Shen Xingruo was not like most people; if anyone was going to feel awkward, it would be others.

She quietly made her bed and organized her desk.

The three roommates were busy with their own tasks, but they couldn’t help but sneak glances at her.

No matter how they tried, they couldn’t flatten the corner of the blanket, and it stuck up arrogantly, just like that rude and arrogant person from the Lu family who had no manners.

After thinking for a few seconds, Shen Xingruo grabbed a stack of books and pressed it down firmly.

Zhai Jiajing couldn’t help but hesitate and asked, “Um… do you need any help?”

Shen Xingruo instinctively wanted to refuse, but as the words reached her lips, they turned into a “thank you.”

It was strange, Shen Xingruo seemed to have a special allure. Just by standing there with a cool and distant demeanor, she unconsciously drew people closer.

Within a couple of minutes, Shi Qin also set aside her winter break assignments and took the initiative to help Shen Xingruo tidy up her desk.

Li Ting, on the other hand, didn’t approach and continued playing with her phone. However, she occasionally glanced at the opposite side from the corner of her eye.

With the assistance of Zhai Jiajing and Shi Qin, Shen Xingruo finally managed to tame the stubborn corner of her blanket.

Just as she straightened up, Pei Yue’s call came in.

She glanced at the caller ID and headed outside.

Shi Qin peeked her head out to confirm that Shen Xingruo was far away before turning back and exclaiming, “Shen Xingruo is so beautiful! I was stunned when she walked in!”

Zhai Jiajing replied, “She has a great temperament, like someone who dances.”

Shi Qin added, “Yes, she has a very unique vibe! So ethereal!”

Li Ting scoffed indifferently, “You’re exaggerating. I think Chen Zhu from Class Three is even better-looking.”

“She’s way more beautiful than Chen Zhu. I can’t appreciate Chen Zhu at all,” Shi Qin, now transformed into a little fan of Shen Xingruo, exclaimed, “Ah ah ah! Jingjing, should we ask her to have dinner together? She seems a bit aloof!”

Zhai Jiajing responded, “Let’s ask her when she comes back.”



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