The beer belly seemed to have suffered a major blow to his worldview and his face was full of disbelief. “You little bastard…”

As soon as the words were spoken, the water was mercilessly poured down.

An hour later, the train arrived at its final destination, Xingcheng South Station, and passengers got off one after another. Shen Xingruo pushed her luggage and walked towards the exit while answering the phone.

“Little beauty, have you arrived?”

Pei Yue’s voice sounded quite cheerful, and Shen Xingruo’s mood improved a lot along with it. “Aunt Pei, I just got off the train.”

“Then go to Exit B, I’ll wait for you over here.”

“Aunt Pei, you came too?” She thought only the driver was coming.

“Of course, originally Uncle Lu was coming too, but he had to attend a meeting at the last minute and couldn’t make it.”

Shen Xingruo quickly found Exit B.

Lu Xingyan and Xu Chengzhou’s group also headed towards Exit B, but they were a bit slow due to the large number of people.

“…Then the man came to his senses and started babbling, and do you know what happened next? I was shocked! The girl poured the water on him without any hesitation! It really happened!” Xu Chengzhou spoke vividly and even pulled his coat to show the water stains. “Look at my clothes, see! The water splashed all over me and it’s not even dry yet!”

“There were too few seats together when we bought the tickets, so except for Lu Xingyan and Xu Chengzhou, everyone else sat in another carriage and didn’t see the scene at the time,” the speaker said.

“Then what happened?”

“Then the train conductor came. The guy was sitting in first class with a second-class ticket, and he only bought a short-distance ticket for one stop but sat for six stations. In the end, the conductor took him away,” Xu Chengzhou recalled. “Oh yeah, that girl borrowed water from Lu Xingyan and even gave him five yuan afterwards.”

“Hey, Lu, why don’t you take out that five yuan and show it to us?”

Lu Xingyan looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and continued chewing his gum with a blank face, his gaze quickly returning to his phone screen.

This was just something that Xu Chengzhou was enthusiastic about. The others didn’t see it with their own eyes, so they didn’t feel much about it and quickly changed the topic to the evening concert.

Half of this group of people had been playing together since junior high school, and they expanded their circle when they went to Mingli High School.

During winter vacation, they went crazy at the beach for about ten days. They only came back early because a few girls wanted to see their idol, Lin Yu’s concert. Seeing the girls’ faces light up and hearts filled with love when they talked about Lin Yu, Xu Chengzhou rolled his eyes and stopped talking. He turned to Lu Xingyan and grabbed him by the neck, “Hey, Lu, let me show you something.”

In a few seconds, Lu Xingyan’s phone received a WeChat notification.

Xu Chengzhou took his own phone and showed it off, “What do you think? It looks good, right? It has a kind of artistic film feel, doesn’t it?”

The photo scene was quite familiar – a girl standing in the aisle, looking coldly at the middle-aged man being pulled away. Her back was straight, and she stood there like a beautiful and elegant white peacock.

Xu Chengzhou couldn’t stop complimenting, “This girl is really beautiful, not to mention her temperament. I guess she’s a ballet student. Her face is just like the first love’s white moonlight.”

“What’s wrong with your taste?” Lu Xingyan chuckled and patted his head with his phone.

“What’s wrong with my taste? She’s definitely a school flower goddess level beauty, ask Bian He if you don’t believe me…”

The group laughed and joked for a while before finally arriving at the taxi stand. Since there were many of them, they had to take three taxis. The first two taxis seated four people each, leaving Lu Xingyan and Xu Chengzhou in the last taxi.

Just as they were about to get into the car, they saw Chen Zhu getting out of the car in front and waving to them.

Xu Chengzhou knew immediately that someone was trying to play matchmaker. He had intended to move to the back seat but stopped when he saw Lu Xingyan motioning for him to get in the front seat.

However, Lu Xingyan had earphones on and didn’t hear him. He closed the car door and sat in the passenger seat.

Xu Chengzhou was amazed and got into the car, pulling off Lu Xingyan’s earphones from behind and wondering, “You’re back, but are you even capable? If you don’t take this opportunity at the concert tonight, I think you’ll be single for another thirty years.”

On this trip, everyone was trying to create opportunities for Lu Xingyan and Chen Zhu, but Lu Xingyan wasn’t very proactive and Chen Zhu didn’t seem to get the hint. As a result, when they returned to Star City, nothing had progressed between them.

Xu Chengzhou kept nagging Lu Xingyan, who eventually got fed up and looked at him, “Can you shut up?”

Just then, Chen Zhu got into the car. Xu Chengzhou didn’t say anything else and moved to a different seat, chatting with Chen Zhu.

Lu Xingyan didn’t know what he was thinking. Chen Zhu asked him a few questions, and he responded briefly and then put his earphones back on to play games.

Chen Zhu lowered her voice and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

Xu Chengzhou said, “Who knows, his ghostly temper is not something you just experienced today.”

Chen Zhu replied, “Yeah, just last semester he was not liked by others, and now he’s worse after the new year.”

Lu Xingyan turned up the volume to the maximum, feeling inexplicably restless. He scrolled through his phone screen, feeling bored and sent a message to Pei Yue reporting that he would be going home tonight.

After waiting half a day without a reply, he aimlessly opened Xu Chengzhou’s chat window and saw the photo. As Xu Chengzhou had said, the photo had an artistic touch.

The picture froze the female student’s facial features in three-quarters profile, immersed in the twilight light and shadow projected from outside the window, half-bright and half-dark. Perhaps because she wasn’t smiling, aside from her beauty, she exuded a chilly air, like fresh snow in winter, clean and cold.

Lu Xingyan looked at it for a while and saved it with a casual tap. Just then, Xu Chengzhou suddenly exclaimed, “Damn it!” and pulled out his earphones again, pointing excitedly ahead, “I think I saw your car, the Continental GT, 088, am I not mistaken? It’s your car, right?”

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