Chapter Three

The gaze lasted for several tens of seconds.

Lu Xingyan suddenly took a step back, walked towards another room as if nothing had happened.

After a few steps, he stopped, turned around, and walked back to the previous room, leaning against the door frame and asking, “Who are you? Did you come to my balcony to play jumping off the building?”

The tone of the young man was unfriendly. He was tall and thin, wearing a dark hoodie. The movement of leaning on the door made him reveal half of his face. It could be seen that his skin was very fair, and impatience gathered between his eyebrows.

Shen Xingruo quickly equated this unfriendly visitor with the name “Lu Xingyan.”

She didn’t answer, and after a moment of silence, she came down from the bay window and nodded at him.

When she heard the sound outside, Pei Yue was adjusting the desk lamp in front of Lu Xingyan’s desk, trying to find the perfect lighting for a selfie.

Upon hearing the noise, she put away her phone and hurriedly walked out.

“What’s wrong with you? Making a fuss outside a girl’s door so late at night. You know I’m waiting for you inside? I haven’t seen your brain work so fast while studying. You’re quite good at dealing with me.” She approached him, pinching Lu Xingyan’s ear and starting to scold him.

“Mom, let go!” Lu Xingyan frowned.

Seeing Shen Xingruo coming out, Pei Yue pressed down on Lu Xingyan’s head, put on a smile, and asked Shen Xingruo with concern, “Ruoruo, why haven’t you slept yet? Is it because you’re not used to being here yet, or did this boy bother you?”

Shen Xingruo: “No, Aunt Pei, I just got up to drink water.”

Seeing the expression on Lu Xingyan’s face that read “I’m in a bad mood, damn it,” she remained unchanged and politely nodded.

It was then that Pei Yue remembered to introduce the two of them to each other:

“Oh, this is my son Lu Xingyan. I don’t know who he looks like, and he has a bad temper and doesn’t know how to speak. Ruoruo, please don’t mind.”

“This is Shen Uncle’s daughter, Xingruo. She came back to Xingcheng this year because she had to take the exam in her registered residence for the college entrance exam. She will be living with us from now on. Oh, by the way, Xingruo is also going to Mingli School. Please take care of her there.”

“Why did you come over so early, more than a year before the college entrance exam?” Lu Xingyan said unwelcomingly, as if he were about to grab a broom and sweep the floor back and forth in front of Shen Xingruo’s door.

Pei Yue gave him a hard press on the head and gave him a “shut up” look.

In fact, in Pei Yue’s opinion, these two could be considered childhood sweethearts. They were born on the same day, one in the early morning and the other in the middle of the night. At the time, they even joked that they would be in-laws in the future, as both of their names contained the word “Xing”. However, Shen Guangyao later took his family to Hui Ze to develop, and while the adults kept in touch, the kids never saw each other again.

This introduction brought up the past and was a bit uncontrollable. Pei Yue overestimated the children’s memories. When she enthusiastically talked about “you two swimming naked in a small pool and blowing bubbles”, the two of them had different degrees of astonished  expressions.

It wasn’t until she mentioned “on your first birthday, you two were wearing the same crotch-opening pants and fighting over an Ultraman egg” that she realized the atmosphere seemed a little awkward.

No, it was a bit more than a little awkward.

“Uh, well, it seems like it’s getting late. Xingruo, you should rest early,” Pei Yue touched her curly hair, which she had just permed that morning, and quietly pinched Lu Xingyan.

Lu Xingyan remained expressionless and cold-faced, as if he didn’t feel a thing.

In response to his mother’s call of “bare body” and “open-crotch pants,” he finally remembered –

This woman is the white peacock who splashed a bottle of mineral water on the middle-aged man on the high-speed train today.

However, the memory of this white peacock seems to be worse than his.

The shower water splashed down from the top of his head, gathering into a small stream along his jaw and neck, and flowing over his chest and abdomen.

Liu Xingyan faced the showerhead, and many scenes flashed through his mind, some of which were unconsciously connected.

No wonder Xu Chengzhou said he saw his car when he left the high-speed railway station.

After leaving the bathroom, he wiped his hair and flipped through his photo album on his phone.

There was a photo of Chen Zhu lying on a male student’s shoulder, laughing brightly.

When he asked Chen Zhu about the photo this morning, Chen Zhu was quite frank, “This is my neighbor’s little brother. Haven’t I told you before how handsome he is?”

She didn’t stop there, “You haven’t seen him in person. He’s really cool and cute! He stands up like a pine tree, very tall and straight! Although he’s now at the National Defense University, I have to send him some photos from time to time to remind him that I am his childhood sweetheart!”

Liu Xingyan didn’t know how he felt, but hearing the words “childhood sweetheart” made him feel a little uncomfortable.

As he scrolled down, coincidentally, it was again his childhood sweetheart.

He scoffed lightly and threw his phone onto the bed.

That night, Lu Xingyan didn’t sleep well. At dawn, the sky outside the window turned a pale fish belly white, and he fell into a deep sleep with his face buried in his pillow.

When he woke up again, it was already noon.

After washing up, he went downstairs.

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