As he walked around the corner of the stairs on the second floor, he heard Lushan’s voice from below, “Green in color, fragrant in aroma, sweet in taste, and looks like sparrow’s tongue, what a great tea!”

“Daddy said Uncle Lu loves to drink Longjing tea, so he specially asked me to bring it over,” said the voice of someone else.

Lu Xingyan’s lips curled up slightly.

Shen Xingruo was standing directly opposite the stairwell, and when she looked up, she saw Lu Xingyan wearing a loose black T-shirt and gray sweatpants, with his hands in his pockets, lazily walking down the stairs.

She discreetly looked away, added a cup of tea for Lushan, and went to the kitchen to help Pei Yue, who called out to her if she liked chicken.

“Pei auntie, I’m fine with anything,” replied Shen Xingruo.

After putting down the teapot and greeting Lushan, she went to the kitchen to help Pei Yue.

Lu Xingyan walked to the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of milk, and then walked around the living room with a piece of toast in his mouth, like a touring performance.

No one paid him any attention.

All he could hear were the sounds of “ruo ruo” from the left and “xing ruo” from the right, and even Lushan, who was drinking tea, got up to watch Pei Yue cook.

He glanced towards the kitchen, and his lips curled up again.

Actually, Pei Yue rarely cooks herself. If it weren’t for the fact that the housekeeper had gone home for the Chinese New Year and hadn’t come back yet, it would be hard to see her in the kitchen.

Stir-fried mixed vegetables, stewed beef with potatoes, clear stewed old duck soup…

Lu Xingyan paused his chopsticks in the bowl, good, none of them were his favorite.

Finally, Pei Yue served a dish of diced chicken, and surprisingly, there was no chili in it.

It lacked soul.

“I heard that the taste over at Huize is still relatively light. Last time I saw your dad in Nan Cheng, he used to be able to eat spicy food, but he drank three cups of water after eating chopped pepper fish head.” Pei Yue said, and put the diced chicken in front of Shen Xingruo, “Xingruo, try this.”

Lu Shan pointed, “This is Aunt Pei’s signature dish. Xingruo, Uncle is so lucky to have your blessing today.”

Shen Xingruo curved her lips, “Thank you, Aunt Pei.”

Seeing her gentle and obedient, Pei Yue became even more attentive, “And drink more of this old duck soup, it’s good for your health. Look at you, so weak and delicate, with the pressure of the second year of high school, you need to take care of your body first, don’t just focus on studying…”

Pei Yue’s words hadn’t finished yet, and Shen Xingruo coughed twice.

“What’s wrong, Ruo Ruo, do you have a cold?” Pei Yue asked nervously.

“Recently, the weather has been changing frequently, so you should wear more clothes,” said Lu Shan.

“Aunt Pei, Uncle Lu, I’m fine… cough, cough… just a little itchy throat, I’ll be fine after drinking some hot water… cough, cough…” Shen Xingruo said as she turned her head and covered her mouth to cough.


She was called weak, and now she started coughing.

Lu Xingyan held his chopsticks and didn’t come back to his senses for a while. In his mind, he saw the arrogance of the white peacock who splashed water on people yesterday and the fragility of Shen Daiyu coughing before him.

“Lu Xingyan, go to get a glass of hot water.”

“No, warm water.”

“What are you waiting for? Go quickly.”

Lu Xingyan, who was ignored like a piece of air, finally had a name.

By the time he poured the water, Miss Shen Daiyu had already calmed down her over-concerned parents.


The glass fell heavily on the table, making a crisp sound.

Water splashed out in three or four flowers, and one flower fell exactly on Shen Daiyu’s hand.

Shen Daiyu said “thank you” gently, held the glass, and took small sips of water.

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