Lu Xingyan stood by the table with his hands in his pockets, watching for a while, then licked his molars and turned his head with a light chuckle.


It turned out that a film star had come to their home.

During the meal, Lu Shan and Pei Yue were both asking Shen Xingruo about her life and studies, while the nameless person who didn’t deserve a name just finished his meal in two or three bites and was about to go upstairs. However, when he heard Lu Shan and Shen Xingruo talking about transferring to a new school, he slowed down.

“The paperwork is all done. Originally, the head of the grade even said he wanted to give you a small test first. But when he looked up your files, without saying a word, he arranged you to a class directly.”

Lu Xingyan looked up.

Lu Shan’s gaze shifted slightly. “What are you looking at? You’re in the same class as her. You should learn more from her. Shen Xingruo scored third place in the final exam in Hui Ze city, and she has never been out of the top five in the grade before in Hui Ze No.1 Middle School. What about you? You are always at the bottom in exams. Your mom and I are just thankful for each test you don’t fail.”

During exams, the seats were arranged based on the previous exam’s scores. The higher the score, the better the seat. As one went upstairs, the exam environment got worse and worse, and the top floor was kindly referred to as Bright Summit.

Unfortunately, Lu Xingyan was a veteran resident of the Bright Summit.

Lu Shan picked up two chopsticks of vegetables and continued, “School starts the day after tomorrow. I’ll see if I have time the day after tomorrow to take you two to school. If I don’t, I’ll ask driver Liu to take you. Xingruo just arrived, it’s better to spend a day early getting to know her dorm mates.”

Lu Xingyan didn’t reply and had a face that said “you better not be free”.

Lu Shan: “What’s with that expression?”

“I’m hoping for the expression of you making more money while being busy.”

Lu Shan: “…”

“I’m full.”

Lu Xingyan couldn’t be bothered to say more. He put down his chopsticks, stood up, and lazily went upstairs with his hands in his pockets.

As Lu Xingyan hoped, Lu Shan was busy on the day of registration. Driver Liu parked the car in front of the yard and got out to help with the luggage.

Lu Xingyan didn’t even lift his eyes, he just went straight into the car to play with his phone, chewing gum absent-mindedly.

Outside the car, Pei Yue was still talking to Shen Xingruo, constantly reminding her to take care of herself, cover herself with more blankets, and to call her if she needed anything.

Even after finishing his game, no one had come up yet. Lu Xingyan rolled down the window, frowned and looked out, his eyes full of frustration.

Shen Xingru met his gaze and Pei Yue also looked over. “By the way, you need to take care of Ruoru at school. She’s a lonely girl who transferred here, unfamiliar with the place. Don’t let anyone bully her.”



Who could bully this little fairy who would send chills down people’s spines with just a word?

Liu Xingyan rolled up the car window.

Before her eyes were covered, Shen Xingruo could still see the mocking expression on his face.

Shen Xingruo didn’t know what she had done to offend this childish young master. For her, being disliked by a boy was quite rare.

Not knowing how to interact with him yet, Shen Xingru remained silent.

Winter had not yet passed, and there were no flowers outside the window. Pedestrians on the street were still bundled up in thick coats. She opened a small gap in the car window, and as the wind blew in, he suddenly said, “Are you trying to freeze me to death?”



She closed the window again.

They drove in silence, with Shen Xingruo navigating and recognizing the road. At the intersection where they turned right into a one-way street, she tactfully told driver Liu in advance, “Uncle Liu, I want to get off ahead. There’s a stationery store up ahead, and I want to buy something.”

“Okay, I’ll park next to it and wait for you for a while.”

“No need to wait, Uncle Liu. I know the way and can walk there myself.”

Unexpectedly, Lu Xingyan suddenly interjected, “I’ll come down here too. Uncle Liu, don’t turn there. There’s a traffic jam at the entrance of Míng Lǐ today.”

Shen Xingruo glanced at him.

The two got out of the car and stopped under a tree by the roadside. The leaves rustled in the wind above their heads.

After thinking for a moment, Shen Xingruo politely said, “I’ll go buy things first,” and dragged her luggage a few steps away. Lu Xingyan suddenly called her back, “Hey, Shen Xingruo.”

Shen Xingruo turned around.

Lu Xingyan leaned against the trunk of the tree, with a direct and cold look, “We’re already at school. Can you stop pretending?”



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