The response he received was a series of increasingly intense screams and whines.

He couldn’t understand it, “That little pretty boy is less than 1.75 meters tall, but he still dares to show off his big belly, blowing kisses and making girly sounds. Is there something wrong with your brains?”

The last sentence, a soul-stirring question, seemed to have a 3D surround sound effect and froze the air in an instant.

Several girls looked up at him, silent for three seconds, then suddenly picked up things in their hands and threw them at him-

“Mu Mu is clearly 1.76 meters tall! Stop spreading rumors!”

“Do you even pass math? How dare you diss our Mu Mu!”

“You’re the one making girly sounds, your whole family makes girly sounds!”

“Oh my god!” Xu Chengzhou dodged some unknown projectiles as he turned his body, but before he could stand upright, another wave of projectiles flew at him.

Seeing the crazed women who were making enough noise to attract the entire gymnasium, Xu Chengzhou became afraid, shouting “Help!” while running behind Lu Xingyan, showing none of the manliness he had displayed when he had just insulted someone else’s idol.

Lu Xingyan’s patience had already worn thin from the noise and being dragged around by Xu Chengzhou.

He frowned and looked ahead.

A sparse wind blew over his forehead, ruffling his bangs.

The girls stopped throwing things suddenly.

Lu Xingyang’s bad mood was like a bucket of cold water that woke them up.

The north wind blew, but the snow didn’t fall.

After a brief moment of clarity, the girls fell back into their emotional slump, alternating between angrily dissing Lin Yu’s fiancée and crying their eyes out.

It was clear they weren’t in any shape to go home alone, and if they lost their minds on the way and did something crazy like sacrificing themselves for their idol, they’d become the latest moral degenerates in the news, with these male students possibly getting caught up in the scandal.

So Xu Chengzhou took the initiative to mediate and console them, rallying them under the banner of “There are millions of idol pretty boys, whoever falls in love is a scumbag.” Gradually, the girls’ emotions stabilized, and they decided to go eat barbecue with the boys to soothe their feelings.

Barbecue stalls were the most lively at night, with people talking about multimillion-dollar businesses and beer flowing freely, the air thick with the smell of barbecue spices.

Lu Xingyan had no appetite and wasn’t in a good mood. After listening to Xu Chengzhou bragging for a while and hearing the girls discussing whether or not to “unfollow and climb the wall” (a slang term in Chinese referring to secretly stalking someone on social media), drowsiness came over him once again.

The first rule of taking advantage of a girl after a breakup is to be gentle and considerate towards her. In order to create an opportunity for Lu Xingyan, Xu Chengzhou suggested going for a barbecue.

Seeing him so unenthusiastic and unambitious, Xu Chengzhou was also very worried.

When Chen Zhu got chili powder in his eye while eating beef skewers, he urged Bian He to cooperate with him, with one person passing a bottle of mineral water to Lu Xingyan and the other passing him a wet tissue.

But Lu Xingyan didn’t notice and was a little sleepy. He opened the bottle of mineral water and took two sips, then wiped his hands with the wet tissue.


He was quite polite.

Xu Chengzhou stared at him with wide eyes.

He was wrong thing. Lu Xingyan deserved to be single for sixty years.

It was already late at night when arrived Luoxinghu.

He had previously sent a message to Pei Yue saying that he would definitely be back tonight, but the wall clock had already passed twelve o’clock, and Lu Xingyan unconsciously looked at his phone.

There were no new messages.

He changed into his slippers and threw his coat on the sofa before heading upstairs.

The second floor had a study, a gym, a multi-functional theater, as well as his parents’ bedroom. The whole floor was dark and quiet.

Lu Xingyan’s room was on the left side of the third floor. He walked to his room without stopping, his hand on the doorknob, his eyelids drooping as his hand turned the knob.

Before he could even turn it halfway, his hand suddenly paused.

There was light coming from under the door.

His gaze lingered on the light for a few seconds, and Lu Xingyan quickly remembered the several unpleasant experiences of catching an affair in the past. He let go of the doorknob and took two steps back.

The hallway was quiet, and Lu Xingyan looked left and right.

Finally, after the long torture of “enter the room, apologize quickly, and then endure the lecture from mother” and the temporary comfort of “just sleep in the guest room for tonight and deal with it tomorrow,” he chose the latter.

There was no other reason, he was just really sleepy.

The first guest room on the right side was the largest and symmetrical to his room. Without much thought, he walked over and pushed the door open.

A gust of night wind blew in, chilling.

The wind blew him awake for a moment.

The room had a floor lamp on, casting a soft and warm yellow light that illuminated the decorations and layout, which were far different from what he remembered of the guest room.

He was stunned for a few seconds before his gaze fell on the girl sitting by the window.

The night wind outside lifted the layers of curtains and the hem of the girl’s long skirt, which reached down to her ankles.

She played with a lighter in her hand, and the flame flickered and jumped in the wind.

Before the flame was blown out, she closed the lighter with a click.

Their eyes finally met in mid-air.

She didn’t seem very happy, her lips pressed downward in a cold expression.

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