The page helps you to convert odt file to docx word file.

Just upload your file and click on the convert button, the tool will work.

The file you upload can’t be larger than 5M.

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About ODT File:

ODT stands for “Open Document Text,” which is a file format used for word processing documents. It is part of the Open Document Format (ODF), an open standard file format for office documents, developed and maintained by the OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) consortium.

ODT files are commonly used for creating, editing, and sharing text documents. They can contain various elements such as text, images, tables, charts, and more. ODT files are designed to be compatible with a range of office suite software, including LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, and other applications that support the Open Document Format.

More online tools can be found at the following page, search what you want by keywords on the page.

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