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Long images (also known as long pictures or scrollable images) refer to images with a longer vertical dimension and relatively narrower width, allowing users to view the entire content by scrolling downwards. Such images are highly useful in specific application scenarios, and here are some common ones:

Infographics: Long images are commonly used to create infographics, presenting complex data, statistics, or process diagrams in a visual format. The vertical layout enables users to understand the information step by step.

Maps or Guides: Long images can be utilized to display large-scale maps or guides, such as city maps or amusement park layouts. Users can progressively scroll to explore different areas on the map.

Timelines: Long images can be used to showcase timelines of historical events or project developments, allowing users to scroll down and grasp the progression of events.

Comics or Graphic Novels: Some comic creators opt for long images to tell longer stories or depict intricate plotlines.

Vertical Posters or Advertisements: Certain advertising or poster designs make use of long images to enhance content appeal.

Social Media Platforms: Long images are widely employed on social media platforms like Instagram, Weibo, etc., to present a series of related pictures or narrate a story.

Tutorials or Guides: Long images can be employed to create tutorials, guides, or step-by-step instructions, especially for content designed for mobile devices.

Display Panoramic Photos: Long images are suitable for showcasing panoramic photos, such as magnificent natural landscapes or city skylines.

Product Presentations: Long images can effectively demonstrate various features, functionalities, and usage of products, especially for mobile applications or web designs.

Narrative Storytelling: Long images are employed for narrative storytelling, including comic stories, travel experiences, and more.

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