Photo Box

Here is a funny tool photo box for displaying different images. You can upload your zip file which contains images on this page, the tool can extract these files and show them as a rotating box. It’s recommended to have Read more…

VTK – Set Image As Render Background, Save 3D Model Screen Shot With Transparent Background

Set An Image As Render Background std::string bgImgPath = “./resource/bg.png”; vtkNew<vtkPNGReader> imgReader; imgReader->SetFileName(bgImgPath.c_str()); vtkNew<vtkTexture> backgroundTexture; backgroundTexture->SetInputConnection(imgReader->GetOutputPort()); m_Renderer->GradientBackgroundOff(); backgroundTexture->Update(); m_Renderer->SetBackgroundTexture(backgroundTexture); m_Renderer->SetTexturedBackground(true); Save 3D Model Screen Shot With Transparent Background Don’t set textured background for renderer object. Then set alpha bits for Read more…

The Story Behind The Song, 赤伶-李玉刚

After the July 7 incident In 1937, Japan accelerated its invasion of China. Many regions in the country turned out be in a mess.The small town Anyuan in Jiangxi Province is peaceful because it’s not affected by the war.1937年,“七七事变”发生后,日本加快了侵略中国的步伐,中国的很多地区陷入了战乱之中。而江西安远县这个小县城,因为暂未受到战火的波及,所以当地还一片祥和。 People Read more…

Stylize Your Code
: You can use the tool to stylize your code.

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