3D Model Editor – Put Model To Original Position

I mainly focus on coding for software development at work. If we need some complicated 3D models, other colleagues in charge of data production will provide relevant model files. 在工作的时候,我们做软件研发主要专注于代码编写,如果需要一些复杂的3D模型的话,则要负责数据生产的同事提供相关的模型文件。 But sometimes they give us a model that’s not at Read more…

SVD And Eigenvector

The eigenvector of a linear transformation doesn’t change in the transformation, and the scale of this vector under the transformation is called the eigenvalue. Practice We use 3D Model Editor to perform the following linear transformation: For more information on Read more…

One trick to figure out how to choose an SLR lens

你永远是镜头焦点…… You are always the focus of the lens 初学者第一次购买相机都会选择套机。 导购员会说:一支变焦镜头一镜走天下, 适合在不同场合中使用,基本满足日常所需。 Beginners will choose a set of cameras for the first time. The shopping guide will say: a zoom lens and a mirror go to the world, Suitable for Read more…

Image Color Picker
: Image Color Picker help you to read color information on image.

A prohibited operation