Input text description for the color you want, this tool can tell you RGB triplets, RGB hexadecimal, and HSV triplets for it.

For example, you will get RGB: 211, 195, 232; Hex: #D3C3E8; HSV: 277, 16, 232 or similar color data if you input “light purple”.

This translation feature is powered by OpenAI Model.

Please enter your words in the edit line, and click on the button Data. Then we will give you the result.


For the given results, you can use our other tool, the React Sandbox, to verify the effect.

Write the color data on the left side and see the effect in real-time on the right side, just like the image below:


export default function App() {
    const colorStyle = {
    color: '#DCC6E0'
  return <h1 style={colorStyle}>Hello world</h1>
Other related tools:

Computer Number Terms can help you to calculate the corresponding data between 255 triplets, 1.0 triplets, and hexadecimal string triplets.

Image Color Picker can help to get RGB and HSV data for a spot on the uploaded image.

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XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.

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