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The page helps you to convert your 3D file to another format file. Upload your file, choose input and output formats, click the convert button, and wait for a few seconds. Finally, you can download the new file by clicking the generated link. If you want to watch the 3D model in the web browser, go to the relevant page, 3D Model Viewer: 3D Model Viewer

input output
OBJ file (.obj) STL file (.stl)
PLY file (.ply) OBJ file (.obj)
VTP file (.vtp) PLY file (.ply)
VTK file (.vtk) VTP file (.vtp)
GLTF file (.zip) VTK file (.vtk)
FACET file (.facet) GLTF file (.zip)
CTM file (.ctm) FACET file (.facet)
BYU file (.zip) CTM file (.ctm)
TIFF file (.tif) BYU file (.zip)
STL file (.stl) TIFF file (.tif)
DEM file (.dem) X3D file (.x3d)
3DS file (.3ds) VRML file (.wrl)

The demo video on using this function.

3D Files Converter
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3D Model Viewer: add grid plane and convex hull.
Add google translate tool at right-bottom position.

A prohibited operation
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