Short Story – Catching The Moon

It’s a story of a young girl’s baseball dream. The book is called Catching the Moon, it’s recommended by American actor Kevin Costner and child star Jillian Estelle. You can find it at 这是一个关于小女孩棒球梦的故事,本书名叫《捕捉月亮》。由美国电影巨星凯文·科斯特纳和童星吉莉安·埃斯特尔推荐的真实故事。你可以在这里找到原始资料: Marcenia Lyle loved baseball.She loved the powdery taste of dust clouds as she slid through Read more…

Short Story – The House That Jane Built

Here is a real story introduced by American actress Kiernan Shipka, The House That Jane Built. You can find it at 这是一则由美国女演员Kiernan Shipka介绍的真实故事,《简建造的赫尔之家》。你可以在这里找到原始资料: A house stands on a busy street. Its doors are opened wide.To all who come, it bids good cheer.To some, it says, abide.In 1889, a wealthy Read more…

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