Make Model Always On Top II

We had introduced a way to keep a few special models awalys on the top layer in 3D scene. The relative post: But it will fail to shift polygons, lines, and points sometimes, eg. when we are in the WebAssembly environment (wasm) for web page.Let’s use an another method Read more…

Rewrite File To Move 3D Model To Origin Point

The post shows a way to move 3D model to the original point in world coordinate system. The file CMakeLists.txt is similar to The included file point.hpp can be found in #include <iostream> #include <vtkPolyData.h> #include <vtkActor.h> #include <vtkTransformFilter.h> #include “./point.hpp” #include <vtkTransform.h> #include <vtkSTLReader.h> #include <vtkSTLWriter.h> #define Read more…

Web – The Template About Sending File To Server

The post shows a template about how to send file to our remote server. We need to prepare html page, javascript and php script. HTML Page Write a web page and import front.js that contains submit event. front.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <div key=”uploadMeshContent” id=”content”> <input type=”file” id=”uploadMesh” name=”uploadMesh”/> <progress Read more…

3D Model Editor
: add a web app 3D Model Editor, it's under development.

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