Small Piano


This is a small piano game, every white and black button can play a single music note. It will show the keys you pressed in the past times by drawing wave pattern.

Hue Jumper


This is a open source 3D game. The road is randomly generated and different every time. You start with 20 seconds, pass checkpoints to get 10 more seconds. Avoid rocks and trees by swerving or jumping over them. The road ends at 1000, good luck!

How to play

  • Mouse = Steer
  • Click = Brake
  • Double Click = Jump
  • R = Restart
  • 1 = Screenshot



Tetris is a funny and puzzle game where you need to spread squares all over the space so that you can eliminate squares in rows to get as a bigger score as possible. You can play on the desktop computer with four buttons, up, down, left and right. You can also play with virtual buttons on the screen if you are using mobile smartphone or mobile computer.

Gluttonous Snake


Gluttonous snake is a very classical game, you can control the direction that the snake goes. To eat red apples and avoid black apples, the snake will become longer and you can get a higher score value.

How To Play

You can play the game on the desktop computer, mobile smartphone, and mobile computer. Press or touch the screen to drag the snake to go in a different direction.

Tank And Number


This is a numerical calculation game, you need to shoot a few numbers by a tank in the 3D world, the numbers that you shot should form a correct answer for the math problem on the left-bottom corner.

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the left and right direction, press the mouse left button to fire a gun, and the mouse right button to speed up.
The keys ‘W’ and ‘S’ can move towards the forward and backward directions. Please click the mouse left button when you get into the game firstly to switch to the game mode which provides a better game control experience. The game can only be played on the desktop computer.

game – tank and number

The 3D numbers and words in the game can be created by our page:

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