Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor, is a Chinese ancestor and culture hero. It’s said that he has two possible last names, Gongsun or Ji, both have the style of Chinese dynasty Zhou.
According to the record, the man could speak after dozens of days of birth, he was smart, charismatic, brave and outspoken when he became an adult.
The lord Shennong (Emperor Yan) who invent farming and medicine culture declined at that time. The leaders of different regions attacked each other. The wars swept every inch of the large land. Thousands of people died, everyone struggled to survive in a hard time. Huangdi stood at the center of the stage of Chinese history. He conquered all kinds of enemies, lowered the temperature of wars. Many tribal leaders came to dow down towards him. In the end, it formed three balanced political powers in ancient China, Huangdi, Yandi and Chiyou.
Shennong dominated the land at the west of Taihang mountain. Chiyou overloaded the large east region and develop towards west continuously. Shennong and Chiyou have a fight for fertile area beside downstream of the yellow river, Shennong failed and ran towards the north. Finally, he settled at ZhuoLu and asked Huangdi for help. Chiyou created weapons with copper, his military was brave and powerful. Huangdi had nine fights with Chiyou in three years, but he never gained the victory. After that, his people were governed by virtue. The whole army was mobilized, Huangdi developed many crops such as wheat and rice, many neighboring tribes were united. Huangdi gathered the enemies of all tribes to form military arraies with different flags. These flags show different animal pictures such as bear, brown bear, tiger, brave troops and so on. The military force had a final fight with Chiyou. Both enemy soldiers are brave to fight, the war was pretty violent and tragic. Huangdi won the final victory with help of his generals Fenghou and Limu.

Huangdi came into Chiyou’s land Jiuli, he called up all tribal leaders on the mountain Tai and held Fengshan that offers sacrifices to heaven to told everyone his victory. It’s said that the sky shows some big earthworms and ants, everything seems yellow, the people thought Huangdi had a charming character like the land that brought them up, so the king was called Huangdi.
But there were regional conflicts after a short time, Huangdi knew the truth Chiyou still had prestige in folk, so he drew Chiyou’s portrait and hung everywhere. The people of king thought Chiyou didn’t die, he just surrendered to Huangdi, after that more tribal leaders came to join them and Chiyou was called the god of war.

Yandi was defeat by Chiyou early, but he has enough military power. He rejected surrendering to Huangdi as other tribal leaders and wanted to recapture the political status. Finally, he picked a war again. The important war occurred in Banquan, Huangdi got the final victory of war after three battles. The honor of the lord of this old land belongs to Huangdi, all the people obeyed his orders, the king would quell war if there was rebellion.
Huangdi made the capital Zhoulu, created national tripod and set up central officials who had name Yun such as Qing Yun that managed religious affairs, Jin Yun that controlled military affairs, Bai Yun which maintained public security and Huang Yun which handled political affairs. He set up two monitoring officers to be on guard tribal rebels. Fenghou, Limu, Changxian, and Dahong are appointed as his core ministers. He often took part in ceremonies which sacrifice something to maintain ghosts. Huangdi calculated and verified calendar for his people. He promoted building new roads and planting mulberry, visit his people in different regions to keep a good touch for the new country. He went east to the sea and stood on the Mount Fan and Mount Tai, went west to Mount Kongtong and stood on the top of Jitou Mountain, went south to Dajiang and arrived at Mount Xiong and Mount Xiang, and expelled the ancestors of Huns in north. He made agreements with all tribal leaders at the Fusan conference.
Most people lived in the original animal way at that moment. Huangdi taught his people how to fire and cook and how to make clothes by spinning. His ministers have individual survival skills and inventions, Xihe and Changyi are responsible for observing sun and moon, Yuqu observed all kinds of planets, Rongcheng created music and so on. Huangdi also encouraged Cangjie to invent Chinese character, Shihuang to invent drawing, Yimou to invent arrow, Hui to invent bow, Gonggu and Huodi to create ships.

The primary wife of prince Xilin grew mulberry and raised silkworms by herself, the people were taught by her, so she was called XianChan. Legend has it that Huangdi lived to be 110 years old, he was buried in Mount Qiao.

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