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Books introduction page: Book content update: Add A Short Adventure About Pengjiamu In Xinjiang, Thailand Sleeping Beauty Cave Miracle Rescue Incident, and The Mystery of Shanghai’s Nine Dragon Pillars for Short Stories Book. Add a new e-book Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tips. Here is a demo video shows how to Read more…

The Ruler of The State Of Jin In Ancient China, Zhixiangzi

当智宣子去世后,智襄子接任政务,与韩康子、魏桓子在蓝台举行宴会。宴席上,智襄子戏弄韩康子,并侮辱了他的宰相段规。智国听闻此事后劝告道:“主公如果不防备其他国家的报复,那么报复一定会来临!”智襄子回答说:“局面将由我来决定。如果我不给他们制造麻烦,谁还敢挑事儿呢!” 智国又说:“不是这样的。《夏书》上说:‘一个人犯了三次错误,怨恨不会公然表现出来,应该在未显露之前防备。’君子能够勤勉地处理小事,因此不会有大的困扰。现在主公只是一次宴会就羞辱了别国的君主和宰相,而且没有做好防备,还说‘他们不敢挑事儿’,这样的态度难道不是错的吗?蚊虫、蚂蚁、蜜蜂、蝎子,都能够伤害人,更何况其他国家的君主和宰相呢!”然而,智襄子没有听取劝告。 After the death of Zhixuanzi, Zhixiangzi took over the governance and held a banquet at Lantai with Hankangzi and Weihuanzi.During the banquet, Zhixiangzi mocked Hankangzi and insulted his chancellor, Duan Gui.When Zhiguo heard about this, he advised, “My lord, if you don’t guard against retaliation from other countries, Read more…

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