Photo Box

Here is a funny tool photo box for displaying different images. You can upload your zip file which contains images on this page, the tool can extract these files and show them as a rotating box. It’s recommended to have 6 images in the zip file. The address:

New Tool – Adage

We provide a page of random proverbs, sayings, and stories. 我们上线了一个随机展示谚语、格言、故事的页面。 You just need to click the update button to see the new results in the text box. 你只需要点击一下Update按钮,就能在文本框中看到新的结果。 Link:

Build Script For VTK And Source.list For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The shell script build vtk in the folder build, /home/stephen/Downloads/VTK-9.2.0.rc2/build: cmake ../ -G “Unix Makefiles” \ -DVTK_USE_QVTK:BOOL=ON \ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local \ -DVTK_USE_GUISUPPORT:BOOL=ON \ -DVTK_QT_VERSION=5 \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQt:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtOpenGL:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtSQL:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtWebkit:BOOL=OFF \ -DModule_vtkRenderingQt:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkViewsQt:BOOL=ON The sources.list for Chinese user to use ubuntu LTS 20.04 deb trusty main restricted Read more…

Rename Files
: help you to change all files' names

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