Photo Box

Here is a funny tool photo box for displaying different images. You can upload your zip file which contains images on this page, the tool can extract these files and show them as a rotating box. It’s recommended to have 6 images in the zip file. The address:

New Tool – Adage

We provide a page of random proverbs, sayings, and stories. 我们上线了一个随机展示谚语、格言、故事的页面。 You just need to click the update button to see the new results in the text box. 你只需要点击一下Update按钮,就能在文本框中看到新的结果。 Link:

Build Script For VTK And Source.list For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The shell script build vtk in the folder build, /home/stephen/Downloads/VTK-9.2.0.rc2/build: cmake ../ -G “Unix Makefiles” \ -DVTK_USE_QVTK:BOOL=ON \ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local \ -DVTK_USE_GUISUPPORT:BOOL=ON \ -DVTK_QT_VERSION=5 \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQt:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtOpenGL:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtSQL:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkGUISupportQtWebkit:BOOL=OFF \ -DModule_vtkRenderingQt:BOOL=ON \ -DModule_vtkViewsQt:BOOL=ON The sources.list for Chinese user to use ubuntu LTS 20.04 deb trusty main restricted Read more…

Image Processing – Rotate Image

We have added a new function to the image processing page: rotate the image clockwise by any angle.我们在图像处理页面增加了一个新的功能:顺时针旋转图片任意角度。 Our picture doesn’t awalys fit on the phone or computer monitor, so we need to put it right. We need to rotate the original picture. Or if you just want to make Read more…

Stylize Your Code
: You can use the tool to stylize your code.

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