A Simple WebAssembly Example About VTK

The article shows how to create a simple vtk render window project and show it in the web browser. We need emscripten tool and the visualization toolkit installed. emscripten : https://emscripten.org/docs/getting_started/downloads.html VTK: https://vtk.org/ Build the VTK source to get JS library before our coding. This example uses C plus plus Read more…

Export CPlusPlus Algorithm To Javascript Code

I will show a way to export CPlusPlus algorithm to javascript code. Write Pollard’s rho algorithm in class Resolver for integer factorization. resolver.h #include <string> typedef long long LL; class Resolver { public: Resolver(); ~Resolver(); std::string GetResolvedResult(int x); protected: void find(LL n,LL c); bool Miller_rabin(LL p); LL Pollard_rho(LL n,LL c); Read more…

Image Color Picker
: Image Color Picker help you to read color information on image.

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