VTK – Set Image As Render Background, Save 3D Model Screen Shot With Transparent Background

Set An Image As Render Background std::string bgImgPath = “./resource/bg.png”; vtkNew<vtkPNGReader> imgReader; imgReader->SetFileName(bgImgPath.c_str()); vtkNew<vtkTexture> backgroundTexture; backgroundTexture->SetInputConnection(imgReader->GetOutputPort()); m_Renderer->GradientBackgroundOff(); backgroundTexture->Update(); m_Renderer->SetBackgroundTexture(backgroundTexture); m_Renderer->SetTexturedBackground(true); Save 3D Model Screen Shot With Transparent Background Don’t set textured background for renderer object. Then set alpha bits for renderer window object, read RGBA information from back buffer when Read more…

Why Does The Canvas Id On HTML Page Have To Be `canvas` For VTK WebAssembly?

I got the following error information on the web page if I change the id of canvas to be ‘canvas1’. The function USDL2OpenGLRenderWindow::CreateAWindow is similar to vtkSDL2OpenGLRenderWindow::CreateAWindow. We can read VTK and SDL library source code and find these code snippets. File: video\emscripten\SDL_emscriptenvideo.c device->CreateSDLWindow = Emscripten_CreateWindow; static int Emscripten_CreateWindow(_THIS, SDL_Window Read more…

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