VTK – Set Clipping Range For Camera

I create two renderers that show the same 3D model. Make the camera in the right renderer linkage with the left one’s, that means we can get the same view in the right renderer when we modify the status of the camera of the left renderer.
Here is all information of implementations.

VTK: Draw Rectangle And Area Pick

Let’s add three items to the render window. Draw a rectangle and pick all actors in the rectangle. The class vtkAreaPicker can help us to find these picked actors. I will show how to do it in the following code snippet. main.cpp #include <iostream> #include <vtkSmartPointer.h> #include <vtkSphereSource.h> #include <vtkActor.h> Read more…

VTK: Show Display Bounds

I planed to show the 3D model’s bounds in the display coordinate and update it if the user rotates and zooms in/out in real-time. I’m curious about if the display bounds touch with the 3D model. The display bounds are shown as a red rectangle in the render window, our Read more…

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