My last programmer tutor looks like a college student, he is very careful on his usual work, read the code and think more, make project fewer errors, this is his attitude towards daily tasks.
This tutor brought me some important development principles which help me a lot in the future.

A function is only responsible for one thing, no more extra task. It is easy for others to read and maintain. After all, the code is wroten once but it will be read a thousand times. The readability of your code is very important for other colleagues.
Just finish your task, don’t make other features missy. It’s pointless if you add a new function, but other features become abnormal due to it. If you did that, the old functions’ maintainers will spend more time to figure it out and fix the bug.
If you replace an old interface with a new function, please put the new function everywhere it should be used and make it works. Later maintainers are easier to work with it.
An excellent interface will not get the different result at different time. It should be easy to read and used. Other modules’ code would not be changed due to it.

I know it’s hard to meet all the above requirements. But development programmers can try to conform to as many rules as possible.
Unfortunately, there always be many garbage men in our daily working. They did just surface jobs to make our project looks no problem, but it’s hard to maintain and improve performance for new colleagues. It’s worse if your partner is a part-time worker. He will find all various excuses to avoid improve their interfaces and change their code. They always want other colleagues to change other modules to collaborate with their stupid public interfaces. Just do your own tasks and reduce the number of times of communication with them, wait for his leader to adjust the atmosphere if a disaster occurs. Or you will find that it just waste your time to do that kind of thing.


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