Zhuanxu is the Emperor Huangdi’s grandson, he was smart and introverted in his childhood, the man helped Shaohao to manage Jiuli region when he was fifteen years old. Zhuanxu got superior political achievements at that moment, he was rewarded by the emperor at region GaoYang, so people called him GaoYang Shi. Zhuanxu became the new emperor after Huangdi died due to his charming character and political achievements, he was just twenty years old at that time.

Zhuanxu lived in the north palace Xuan which was referred to water according to ancient Chinese geomancy theory, so he was also called Xuandi based on water. The emperor moved the capital to Diqiu and set up five geomancy officials refers to wood, metal, water, fire, and land. He insisted it was not allowed to resist the basic survival principles or change the reasonable living operations, the world could be managed and maintained the precious peace based on it. So he developed Huangdi’s political strategy and took steps towards a deeper route after he received the right of the king. Zhuanxu rewarded the ministers who promoted Huangdi political idea to maintain social stability. But at the later period of Huangdi age, people adored ghosts and made a decision before divination, the capable ministers can’t play the important roles in the society, the talented men had to look for a survival chance outdoors, every family had at one wizard or witch to divine for the future life, all people didn’t respect the basic nature rules or grew crops but chose to leave home to try their luck. The army became weaker day by day. Zhuanxu thought the ghost and people had their own responsibility, they worked individually to keep precious peace in the world. All the people lived under the environment. Zhuanxu worshiped his ancestors bodily to make a good example for his people in order to solve the existing social problem. He appointed Zhengzhong Nan the minister who offered sacrifice to Heaven to communicate with gods, appointed Zhengli Bei the minister who was responsible for civil affairs and encouraged his people to grow more crops with the natural rules. The Emporer forbad people to take part in the divination activities to recover the social order to the normal status.


Zhuanxu still kept learning and learning after he became the emperor. He was knowledgeable and experienced, took care of his people and was good at resolving the conflicts between folks. He made the law based on ancestors’ experience, estimated the calendar to share 13 months every year based on the change of sky, the new calendar system was used by Shi Huangdi in the future. Zhuanxu thought it was springtime when the ice was broken up, the insects started to move and the birds began to sing. The people called him the calendar emperor in honor of his contribution. He also ordered his minister to create the song ChengYun to worship the god. He had arrived many places, went north to YouLing, south to JIaoZhi, west to LiuSha, and east to PanMu. His dominating was very successful, all kinds of tribal leaders and people who lived on his land accepted his judgments.


Zhuanxu had been in the emperor for 78 years, he died when he was 98 years old and was buried in PuYang.

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