Emperor Ku is the grandson of Huangdi, he was smart and could speak when he was a child, the man had excellent character and was good at handling life affairs. Ku was chosen as an assistant by the Emperor Huangdi when he was only 15 years old, he became the new emperor after the emperor Huangdi died, he was 30 years old at that moment.

Ku built the city Hao into the new capital and distributed the central right to his ministers to manage the country conveniently. However, there was a powerful tribal leader Gonggong who didn’t bend to Ku, so Gonggong hit the Mountain BuZhou with his head, the pillar which had been supporting the sky was broken, the broad land sloped to southeast direction, and some rebellions started. The Emporer Ku sent his general Li to quiet the war but it failed. Ku was disappointed at his general Li and put him to death, Li’s younger brother Wuhui inherit the general position and fought with Gonggong and killed him. Some books record that Gonggong was fought for the throne with Emporer Zhuanxu, but it is not same with folk rumors. Ku governed his country with kindness and love, he thought that the best virtue was to love the other people, the best government was to be beneficial to others, so the most important principle was trust and love, he always insisted the two points. His Emporer life is simple, he always wears plain clothes and lived in the palace which was constructed by wood and soil without any decoration. He loved his people, took the case of his promises to others and never broken them, so he got people‘s respect and trust. The Emporer knew his people’s worries, he promoted farming in hard work to increase the total production and had frugal life. His policies to his people were suitable to everyone, he respected the natural mother and workship the mountain ghost and storied host. The social became safe and booming literally, everyone had a job and happy family, they care about each other, donated food if the neighbors lack it, provided helps to others if they were challenged in their housework, took care of patients in the family, children got good educations when they were young, all adults took most of the social responsibility, the aged enjoyed a comfortable life in their last years. The people are asked to pay a little taxes and stored the rest wealth, so everyone didn’t have to care about food and clothes and lived happily. The traders brought plenty of rare materials and saved them on a logical price, they also moved local products outside to trade. We can get the conclusion this is the earliest booming society.

Ku adopts his ministers‘ recommendations in a modest attitude and offered the talent important political role, so he builds an open mind government. Yi was good at shooting arrows, Ku heard about him, then the Emporer awarded him the best arrow and bow and offered the official position to him. Yi appreciated it and helped Ku to kill Bainan who provoked rebellious warfare. Xianhei and Zhabo were good at creating songs and making musical instruments, Ku provided them political positions and encourage them to improve current music level. After exploring and practicing, they composed music JiuZhao and created plenty of new musical instruments such as drum and orchestra, it helped to maintain the stability of the whole society. The Emporer Ku had many sons, Qi(弃) is the ancestor of Dynasty Zhou, Qi(契) is the ancestor of Dynasty Shang, Yao(尧) is also his son who was called Fangxun.


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