Emperor Yao is a son of emperor Ku, the oldest son of Ku is Zhi, so Zhi became the new emperor after Ku died. But the new emperor is not good at handling political stuff, on the other hand, Yao always chose talented officials and deal with natural disasters in the right way. After nine years, Ku realized his ability limit and delivered his throne to Yao. He was just 21 years old at that moment.
Yao’s emperor life is very simple, he always wears a yellow hat and black clothes until they are too worn-out to use. His food is just enough for him to live and the vehicle is a red carriage dragged by a white horse. He allows people to provide their suggestions to him and adopts some meaningful ones, he also encourages his people to criticize his mistakes. He said that if there was a child who was hungry; that’s his fault, if there were people who were there in the cold, that’s his fault; if there was one who crime, that’s his fault.
Yao always cares about his people and be kind to them. So his people feel that and respect him as their father. Yao emphasized the importance of morality and peace, all different leaders of groups agreed with him. A peaceful environment was maintained for the world.
He ordered his minister to improve the old calendar. The new calendar tells everyone there are 365 days in one year to adjust the time difference by leap year to make farming activities and living behaviors suitable to basically natural rulers.
Yao asked his ministers for suggestions for a successor when he was too old. A minister said that your oldest son DanZhu was a man advocate the truth of things, Yao thought the man has not ceremony and was rude, besides he liked to fight so he can’t be allocated an important task. Another minister said that GongGong handled with all kinds of political stuff. and took an absolute effect. Yao didn’t accept it and told him that GongGong was outspoken but he had rebel consciousness. Yao changed the talking topic and asked another question, There was flooding everywhere these days, who is the best man to handle this problem? Maybe Gun can get the task done, but Yao worried that Gun had not the national spirit, the result will disappoint everyone. The ministers insisted that let him try it and see what would happen, Emperor Yao agreed with them. As expected it’s still not successful after Gun’s managing for nine years.

Afterward, Yao discussed with his ministers about the successor, “I have been emperor for seventy years, who can be the next successor and lead our people for the future life?” “We have not the leading ability, can’t take the honor of the emperor.” “Ok, You can recommend a talented young man in the folk for me, I will inspect him.” The ministers remembered that there was a man called YuShun and told to Yao. Yao said, “I also heard about him, What do you think about the man?” “He is the son of a blind man, have a stubborn father and a wanton mother, but he is filial to his family to maintain a balance of living.” Yao was glad to let him try it. Yao married his two daughters to test him. Shun arranged his second wife to go back to the family to take care of the elderly. Yao was satisfied with the decision and let his nine sons assist Shun to check his ability to handle common stuff. Yao ordered Shun to cultivate good family relationship about father, mother, brother and child, the nine sons of Yao were influenced by Shun and become more respectful.
Yao assigned more important political positions to Shun and let him entertain gentile messengers, Shun displays a great country attitude to them and make all gentiles respect him. Yao knows that his son DanZhu has not a talent to become a good emperor, on the other hand, he is satisfied with Shun so the supreme honor of Emporer is delivered to Shun rather than Yao’s son.
With a grand ceremony on the first day in one year, Shun received the emperor position from Yao, start to lead his people for the future life. Yao traveled in different places and helped local people to solve survival problems. After 28 years since he delivered emperor position to Shun, Yao died when he was 108 years old. His people were so sad as lost their father when they heard the terrible news, everyone stopped all entertainments in the next three years to express grief for Yao.


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