Read a single txt file and indent every paragraph.

def getText( filePath ):
    with open( filePath ) as file:
        content =
        paragraphs = content.split( '\n' )

    newContent = ""
    for para in paragraphs:
        newContent = newContent + "  " + para + "\n"

    return newContent

import myReader

filePath = "/Users/weiyang/Desktop/test.txt"
print myReader.getText( filePath )

We get new content by the script.

Count The Number Of Words

The script is also used here.

import myReader

filePath = "/Users/weiyang/Desktop/test.txt"
content = myReader.getText( filePath )
content = content.rstrip()
words = content.split()
counts = dict()
for word in words:
    if word in counts:
        counts[word] += 1
        counts[word] = 1

wordMap = list()
for key,value in counts.items():
    wordMap.append( (value, key) )
wordMap.sort( reverse=True ) #decrese order

for value,key in wordMap[:3]:
    print ('%s \t %d' % (key, value))


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