I upgrade my server OS to CentOS 8.1, besides that the PHP, WordPress, and apache had been also upgraded to the latest version. All data had been back up by plugin UpdraftPlus, I planned to use it to restore my website. Here are some problems I met when I restored my website.

Can’t upgrade plugins due to files’ permission.

Change the permission group to apache.

chown -R apache:root plugins

How to import the folders ‘plugins’, ‘themes’, and ‘uploads’ which are generated by updraft to recover old website?

Copy these folders to the website wp-content directory.

eg: cp plugins /var/www/html/wp-content

Can’t find URL in the server. All other pages give a 404 error

Apache2 didn’t open rewrite mode. I gave ‘All’ to AllowOverride in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. Relevant article: WordPress – Apache2 配置文件和开启重写模式

Support https visiting way

Upload old files weiy.city.pem and weiy.city.key to the website root directory. Relevant article: WordPress – Wp-admin Https Redirect And Install SSL Certificate

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