This is a story about Lv Buwei, prime minister of the Chinese Qin dynasty. Why did he decide to become a government official from a businessman?

In 285 BCE, the five states Yan, Qin, Han, Zhao, and Wei formed an alliance and declared a war on the state Qi because the state Song was invaded by Qi. The alliance force was led by the general Yue Yi Of Yan, the capital Lin Zi of Qi was destroyed.

Lv Buwei brought some aids for the state Qi after four years since it was invaded. He planned to the city Ji Mo by a land road although his friend Lu Zhonglian in the state Qi persuaded him to choose another way. He thought it would be safe because the general YueYi had announced humane policy when declared war on the state Qi.

Lv Buwei and his servant arrived at the valley closed to Jimo. Several houses they saw were destroyed, the road was muddy, the smell of blood became stronger, it seemed like not a human habitation mostly. They found a lonely villager, an old woman standing at the entrance of the village, maybe she was waiting for his son coming back from the war. The old woman bowed and was on a crutch, she looked at the setting sun and was just like a stone figure. Lv Buwei did not dare to speak to the old woman loudly, he took a purse from his pocket and gave it to her. But the old woman just shook her head and went toward the road outside of the village without speaking a word. Lv Buwei looked towards the direction that the old woman walking, to his horror, he found a few dead bodies hanging from the trees. The flies hovered over the rags, drops of blood fell on the leaves.

“Get out of here, grandma, come with me.” Lv Buwei wanted to pursue persuaded the old woman to leave here.

Lv Buwei wanted to pursue persuaded the old woman to live here.
The neighing of a warhorse was heard in the distance. “Leave here, young man!” The old woman shouts at Lv Buwei. But the army of Yan is faster them, the three people are around by the army soldiers. A few soldiers pulled at the old woman, Lv Buwei yell at them angrily, “ Stop, this is the humane policy that your general Yue Yi announced?”

“Humane policy? The army of Qi invaded our land, killed our brothers, rob our properties and food, the blood of dead bodies formed small rivers. Is there anyone who protected us? You’re just a businessman, how dare you ask questions about our policy?”

“Your general Yue Yi had announced to everyone that the humane policy must be performed whenever the army went, do you want to disobey it?”

An angry soldier aside took his whip and swung, he answered, “Our general arranged for us to collect taxes but this village refuse it and attack us, we must kill them.”

“How much do you want to take from the village? I will pay for it.”

“Three years of military tax. Can you pay for it?”

“What’s the total number?” Lv Buwei answered calmly.

The soldier felt provoked, “Tie them up!”. The other soldiers came forward to got them and thrown them to the back of horses, all people left the village. A few generals judged them and took away their money. The header is very happy and said, “the businessman donate his property to us, so let them go.”

Lv Buwei helped the dying grandma to a temple full of dead bodies. They can’t find any trusted doctors in the neighborhood. Lv Buwei and his servant looked after the old woman, the old woman was filled with tears on this cold night, there is only one finger on her body can move which means she is almost dying. “Thanks, young businessman, you are kind and enthusiastic. But this is a time of war, your money can’t buy peace.” Finally, the old woman closed her eyes forever.

“My money can’t buy peace for the world.” The woman’s words had echoed in his mind for a long time, It is like a hammer to broke up Lv Buwei’s wealth dream. He learned that there is another power to control others’ lives and protect his lover.

Lv Buwei started a new plan since that day, he wanted to open a door to politics. Yin Yiren, the grandson of the king of Qin, found in Zhao gave his new inspiration. “ Help the man to become a new king of Qin, he will be the primer minister of the Qin dynasty.”

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