Work platform: Ubuntu

Download and install calibre on Ubuntu.

sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin

Download book in the z library website Chinese books on .
Add your book and convert it to an another format by calibre.

Add the new book as attachment in the mail to amazon account email.

Complete the validation request.
You can get the book in kindle device after it.

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1 year ago

Z Library AdvantagesThe website Z Library boasts of a variety of books to choose from. Its extensive selection is suitable for kids and is available legally in many countries. Another advantage of the website is that it offers personalized recommendations. It is a good resource for parents as well as children. You can read about some of the benefits of this service in this article.
Offers a variety of book typesZ Library is a digital library that allows you to download a wide variety of books for free. You can search for books by author, title, or language. You can also use the International standard book number or MD5 number to find specific titles. The website also allows you to browse through categories to find a book by a particular topic.
The site offers thousands of different book types. There are books for children and adults, as well as textbooks and educational materials. You can browse fiction, non-fiction, history, and even poetry. It also has a large collection of newspapers and articles. You can even find books in foreign languages.
Z Library is free to join. It offers a wide range of book types and allows you to download up to five free books every day. To access the library, you will need to register with an email address. Z Library does not allow you to download copyrighted articles or documents. However, the site does offer some popular free content that you can download. However, remember that you download books at your own risk.

XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.

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