I lost my Kindle half a month ago.
It was the 499 yuan starter I bought in college.
I think it’s extinct now.
I used this tool for seven years.
Read hundreds of books, including novels, comics, and technical books.
Last night when I tried to buy a better Kindle device, I went to Amazon and found that all Kindle devices were on hold. Bemused, I looked around the front page and found out that Amazon is closing its Kindle bookstore in China.
Come to think of it, this may be the inevitable result.
People are more likely to download free resources than spend money on e-books.
In addition, people are accustomed to the convenience of smart terminals such as mobile phones.
Reading is far less entertaining than video and games.
Chinese reading habits have not been cultivated.
Kindle bookstores in the domestic market will not survive.
I do like the fact that the Kindle bookstore has a lot of free classics and a lot of cheap good books.
I feel that its closure is as much of a loss as Google’s withdrawal from the domestic market.
Sincerely suggest, support copyright, support creation.
Pirated online books will only hit creators, we will not see excellent products.
The sites we run today rarely offer new online services.
Because revenue is not what it used to be.
More and more people are paying for nothing, making us wonder if it’s worth it.
Without positive feedback loops, products will die.

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