It’s a story of a young girl’s baseball dream. The book is called Catching the Moon, it’s recommended by American actor Kevin Costner and child star Jillian Estelle. You can find it at


Marcenia Lyle loved baseball.
She loved the powdery taste of dust clouds as she slid through them. She loved the way the Sun heated her hair as she crouched in the outfield waiting for fly balls. And she loved the sting in her palm as a baseball slammed into it right before tagging out a runner. If there was anything in the world better than baseball, Marcenia didn’t know it. She dreamed of growing up to be a professional ball player so she could play ball all the time.
“I wish I knew why you like baseball so much.” Mama sighed as she gently washed Marcenia’s hair. Marcenia shrugged. Mama often questioned Marcenia’s interest in baseball, particularly when washing field dirt from her hair. “It’s just fun.” Marcenia said, giving her mother the same response as she always did. “Playing dolls is fun.” Mama said. Marcenia blew a puff of lather from her palm. Not as much fun as baseball. After Marcenia crawled into bed, Papa appeared in the doorway. “What did you learn in school today?” He asked? “Ummm…”Marcenia thought for a moment, “Some history?” Papa crossed his arms. “And how did your team do in the game after school?” “Harold got a triple in his first at bat and Clarence tagged out two runners,” Marcenia said eagerly. “I struck out my first time at the bat, but then I caught a deep fly ball that would have scored the tying run for the other team if I’d missed it. We won, 11 to 10.” Marcenia smiled gleamed like the noonday sun as she shared the details of her victory.

“我真想知道你为什么这么喜欢棒球。”妈妈叹了口气,轻轻地给马塞尼娅洗头。马西尼娅耸了耸肩。妈妈经常质疑马塞尼娅对棒球的兴趣,尤其是在给她洗头发时。“这很有趣。”马西尼娅说着,一如既往地给了母亲同样的回答。“玩洋娃娃才有趣。”妈妈说。马西尼娅从手掌里吹了一口泡沫。“没有棒球好玩。”马塞尼娅爬上床后,爸爸出现在门口。“你今天在学校学到了什么?” 他问。”嗯…” 马西尼娅想了一会儿答道,“一些历史?”爸爸叉着双臂在胸前。“你们队在放学后的比赛中表现如何?”“哈罗德第一次击球就打出了三垒安打,克拉伦斯把两个对手三振出局,”马西尼娅激动地说。“我第一次击球就打出了三振出局,但是后来我接了一个高飞球,如果我没接住的话,这个球就会为另一个队打平一分。最后我们以11比10赢了。”马西尼娅在分享她胜利的细节时,笑得像正午的太阳一样灿烂。

“We won the game,” Marcenia said up once more. “And you also ripped another dress,” Papa said, dismayed. Then he kissed Marcenia’s cheek and turned off the light, leaving her alone with the moonlight and shadows in her dreams of becoming a baseball player. The tiny house was still. Marcenia could almost hear her mother’s needle and thread moving through the fabric as she sat at the kitchen table mending Marcenia’s dress. After a while, Marcenia heard her Papa’s voice. I wish she would think about school as much as she thinks on baseball.
“She wants to be a ball player when she grows up,” Mama said with a sad chuckle. “I just want her to be happy. ” “She’ll be what every other girl in this neighborhood will be,” Papa grumbled. “A teacher, a nurse, or a maid,” Mama said softly.
“I’m gonna score three runs tomorrow.” Marcenia promised the darkness that she clapped her hands over her ears. “I’m gonna hit a home run too.” The next day after school, Marcenia went to the playground. The other girls stayed on the hardtop to play hopscots, jump rope, or jacks. The boys were huddled at the mound talking quietly.


They cast excited glances at the man who was watching the field from the bleachers. “Do you know who he is?” Harold asked Marcenia as she joined the group. He tipped his head toward the man. “That there is Mr. Gabby Street. He’s running a baseball day camp at this summer.” Marcenia knew about Gabby Street. He was the manager for the St. Louis Cardinals. He had led the Cardinals to the National League pennant in 1930 and the Cardinals had topped the next year by winning the 1931 World Series. “What’s he want?” Marcenia asked. “Kids for his baseball camp,” Harold said. “It’s gonna be right here on the field every day except Sunday. Sundays are game days. ” “What is the cost?” Marcenia asked. “It’s free! It’s free!” said Clarence.
“All you need is your own glove and baseball cleats,” Harold added. Marcenia could hardly contain her excitement. She would do anything to be one of the players in Mr. Street’s camp. That afternoon Marcenia played with purpose. She scooped up grounders, catching them into her body to make sure they didn’t bounce away. She slid into second, keeping so low she wouldn’t be tagged. She kept her eyes on each pitch waiting for a good one to send over the fence. She scored three runs just like she wanted and hit a homer. When Mr. Street approached the players after the game, Marcenia crowded in close so he could see her.

他们向那个在看台上观看比赛的人投去兴奋的目光。“你知道他是谁吗?”哈罗德问刚刚加入人群的马西尼娅。他把头转向那个人。“那位是斯特先生。他在今年夏天开办了一个棒球夏令营。”马西尼娅知道加比.斯特。他是圣路易斯红雀队的经理。他曾在1930年带领红雀队获得全国联盟的冠军,红雀队在第二年赢得了1931年世界大赛的冠军。“他想要什么?” 马西尼娅问。“孩子们参加他的棒球营,”哈罗德说。“活动每一天都会在这里的球场上举行,除了星期天。星期天是比赛日。”“费用是多少?” 马西尼娅问。“这是免费的!这是免费的!”克拉伦斯说。
“你只需要自己准备手套和棒球鞋,”哈罗德补充说。马西尼娅几乎无法抑制她的兴奋。为了成为斯特先生训练营中的一名球员,她愿意做任何事情。那天下午马西尼娅玩得很投入。她捡起地上的球,用身体接住它们,以确保它们不会被弹走。她滑入二垒,保持低姿态,以免被标记。她一直盯着每个球,等待一个好的投球,把球送过栅栏。她如愿以偿地得到了三分,并打出了 一个本垒打。当斯特先生在比赛结束后走近球员时,马西尼娅挤进人群,以便他能看到她。

“I just saw some good ball,” Mr. Street said smiling. “Who wants to come to my baseball camp and really learn how to play this game?” Every hand went up. Mr. Street shook them all. He shook Marcenia’s hand last. “You’ve got a good arm, little miss, and you run fast,” he said, “but I don’t take girls in my camp.” Marcenia looked down so no one would see her disappointment. She began striking dust from her dress. “Hey, Marcenia has been playing ball with us since we were little kids,” Harold told Mr. Street. “She’s the only player we got whoever steals bases,” Clarence said. Marcenia was pleased that her friends had come to her defense, but Mr. Street didn’t change his mind.
As she walked home she thought about how those very same boys had teased her when she first started playing baseball with them. Then they saw that she could run, hit, and throw as well as they could. This teasing stopped. They had let her play. Marcenia decided to give Mr. Street a reason to change his mind. Everyday Marcenia played baseball and everyday Mr. Street refused to invite her to his camp. Then came a day when Marcenia got tired of hearing him say, “I don’t take girls in my camp.” That day when she was on third base in the ninth inning of a tie game, Marcenia decided to take the biggest chance in all of baseball. With the ball speeding toward home, Marcenia dropped her weight and slid into home plate. She had stolen home and scored the winning run. While her teammates celebrated their victory, Marcenia planted her hands on her hips and faced Mr. Street.

“我刚刚看到了一些好球,”斯特先生微笑着说。”谁想来参加我的棒球训练营,真正学习如何玩这个比赛?” 每个人都举起了手。史特先生与他们一一握手。他最后和马西尼娅的手握了一下。”小姑娘,你有一双好胳膊,而且你跑得很快,”他说,”但是我的训练营不收女生。” 马西尼娅低下头,以免有人看到她的失望。她开始拍打她衣服上的灰尘。”嘿,马西尼娅从我们还是小孩子的时候就开始和我们一起打球了,”哈罗德对斯特先生说。”她是我们唯一一个能抢到垒的球员,”克拉伦斯说。马西尼娅很高兴她的朋友们为她说话,但斯特先生并没有改变主意。
当她走在回家的路上,她想到了刚开始和那些男孩一起打棒球时,他们是如何取笑她的。然后他们看到她能跑,能打,能投,和他们一样棒,这种嘲笑停止了。他们已经让她玩了。马西尼娅决定给斯切特先生一个改变主意的理由。马西尼娅每天都打棒球,斯特先生每天都拒绝邀请她参加他的训练营。后来有一天,马西尼娅厌倦了听他说:”我不接受女孩参加我的训练营。” 那一天,当她在一场平局比赛的第九回合中站在三垒上时,马西尼娅决定去找他,去抓住整个棒球生涯中最大的机会。随着球向本垒加速飞去,马西尼娅放下重心,滑向本垒。她偷走了本垒,获得了胜利。当她的队友们庆祝胜利时,马西尼娅将双手放在臀部,面对斯切特先生。

“I’m a baseball player,” she said. “I want to learn to play this game as well as I can. May I come to your camp?” “Well, little miss, if you can steal home, you can probably do anything you set your mind to,” Mr. Street said. “You can come to my camp as long as you have your own equipment.”
When Marcenia told her parents the good news about the camp that evening, her father was not pleased. “I don’t like you acting like such a tomboy,” he said with a snap of his evening paper. “Besides, you know we don’t have money to spend on…” “The camp’s free,” Marcenia said excitedly. “Equipment isn’t free,” Papa said. “I have a glove,” Marcenia said. “Harold gave me his old one.” “You’ll need cleats, and we don’t have money for those,” Papa added. “So unless you’re prepared to get them yourself, I think you’ll have to forget about that camp.” With another snap of Papa’s newspaper, Marcenia felt her dream move out of reach. Mr. Street was at the field the next time Marcenia played. Before the game, she mustered all her strength to keep from crying. “Mr. Street,” she said, “I can’t come to your camp. I don’t have cleats and my father says we can’t afford them, but thank you for inviting me.” Although she was sad, Marcenia played as well as she always had. She loved baseball too much not to play with all her heart.

“我是一名棒球运动员,”她说。”我想尽可能地学习打好比赛。我可以去你的训练营吗?” “好吧,小姑娘,你既然能完成盗垒,也许你可以做到任何你想做的事,”史特先生说。”只要你有自己的装备,就可以到我的训练营来。”
那天晚上,当马西尼娅把夏令营的好消息告诉她的父母时,父亲很不高兴。”我不喜欢你表现得像个假小子,”他拍着晚报说。”此外,你知道我们没有钱花在…” “营地是免费的,”马西尼娅兴奋地说。”设备不是免费的,”爸爸说。”我有一只手套,”马塞尼亚说。”哈罗德把他的旧手套给了我。” “你需要球鞋,我们没有钱买。”爸爸补充道。”所以,除非你准备自己去购买他们,否则我想你必须忘记那个训练营。” 爸爸拍了一下晚间报纸,马西尼娅感到她的梦想离自己越来越远了。下一次马西尼娅比赛时,斯特先生就在球场上。在比赛前,她用尽所有的力量不让自己哭出来。”斯特先生,”她说,”我不能来参加你的训练营。我没有球鞋,我父亲说我们买不起,但谢谢你邀请我。” 虽然她很伤心,但马西尼娅还是像以前一样打得很好。她太爱棒球了,不得不全心全意地打球。

Unable to sleep, Marcenia gazed through her window at the full moon glowing in the sky. It was so round and bright, like a brand new baseball. She reached to the floor and took up her baseball glove. She put it on and punched the pocket as if the moon would drop into it like so many fly balls had before. Marcenia wondered sadly if Papa was right. Maybe girls didn’t grow up to be ball players after all, but playing baseball was her dream.
Marcenia couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The next day after school, Marcenia was the first one at the playing field. Mr. Street was already there and he waved Marcenia over. “You’re a good ball player, Marcenia,” he said. “I want good ball players for my camp.” He handed Marcenia a box and he watched as she opened it. Her eyes widened as she pulled out shoe with each hand. These weren’t just any shoes, these were real baseball cleats. “Thank you, Mr. Street.” Marcenia was so excited she could barely squeeze out the words. She hugged the shoe to her chest.

马西尼娅无法想象自己还能做什么。第二天放学后,马西尼娅是第一个到运动场的人。斯特先生已经在那里了,他向马西尼娅招手。”你是个好球手,马西尼娅。”他说,”我的训练营需要好的球手。” 他递给马西尼娅一个盒子,他看着她打开盒子。当她用两只手拉出鞋子时,她的眼睛睁得很大。这不是普通的鞋子,这是真正的棒球鞋。”谢谢你,斯特先生。” 马西尼娅兴奋得几乎说不出话来。她把鞋子抱在胸前。

They were even better than stealing home. “Don’t you have a game to play? ” Mr. Street said, nodding towards the field. “Yes, I do!” Marcenia replied happily. Her fingers flew as she unbuckled her street shoes and laced on her new cleats. They fit perfectly. She ran in them, she jumped in them, she caught and slid in them and she hit a home run in them. After the game, the boys rushed to Mr. Street talking over one another about the game. Marcenia lingered at home plate.
She stared at her feet, proud of the new scuffs and smudges on her shoes. They had been a little stiff at first, but now that she had played a good game of baseball in them, the cleats were exactly the way she wanted them to be. Mr. Street excused himself from the crowd of boys. “I look forward to seeing you in my camp,” he said to Marcenia. She gave him a hopeful smile, but Marcenia knew she still had one more person to convince.

他们感觉甚至比盗垒更好。”你不是有比赛要打吗?”斯特先生说,向球场点头示意。”是的,我有!” 马西尼娅高兴地回答。她的手指飞快地解开她的旧鞋,系上她的新鞋带。它们非常合适。她穿着它跑,穿着它跳,穿着它接球,穿着它滑行,穿着它打出了全垒打。比赛结束后,男孩们急忙跑到斯切特先生那里,互相讨论着比赛的情况。马西尼娅在本垒徘徊。

Before she could officially accept Mr. Street’s invitation, she ran home and waited anxiously for her father to return from work. As soon as her father arrived, Marcenia showed him her new cleats. “Now Marcenia, where did you get those shoes,” Papa asked sternly. “Mr. Street gave them to me,” Marcenia said. He wants me to come to his baseball camp. Papa looked down at Marcenia’s baseball cleats, which were already scuffed and dusted with field dirt.
“You must be a pretty good ballplayer for an important man like Mr. Street to buy you those shoes,” he admitted. Then he smiled. “You know I don’t like charity, but I reckon we can’t give those shoes back in this state. I’ll have to thank Mr. Street for his generosity when I take you down to that baseball camp.” Marcenia could hardly believe her ears. Papa had a greed, her chest filled with joy, and she threw her arms around her father, hugging him hard. “You’ll see how good I am,” she cried. Marcenia felt as proud and happy as if she reached right up in the sky and caught the moon in her glove. She was on her way to becoming a real baseball player. She would make her dream come true.

在她正式接受斯特先生的邀请之前,她就跑回家,焦急地等待着她父亲下班回来。她父亲一到,马西尼娅就给他看她的新鞋。”现在,马西尼娅,你从哪里得到这双鞋的?”爸爸严厉地问。”马西尼娅说。”斯特先生给我的。他想让我来参加他的棒球训练营。” 爸爸低头看了看马西尼娅的棒球鞋,它已经有磨痕,沾满了球场上的灰尘。
“你一定是个很好的球手,像斯特先生这样的重要人物会给你买这双鞋,” 他承认。然后他笑了。”你知道我不喜欢施舍,但我估计在这种情况下,我们不能把这些鞋送回去。当我带你到那个棒球训练营时,我必须感谢斯特先生的慷慨解囊。” 马西尼娅几乎不敢相信自己的耳朵。爸爸有了新想法,她的胸口充满了喜悦,她用双臂抱住父亲,用力拥抱他。”你会看到我有多棒,” 她激动地说。马西尼娅感到自豪和快乐,就像那晚伸手到空中用手套抓住了月亮。她正在成为一名真正的棒球运动员。她将梦想成真。

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