We have created an e-book titled “Speed Reading Classics,” which enables rapid reading of various classic literary works. The latest chapter features the Chinese modern novel “Camel Xiangzi,” written by Lao She. It was serialized in magazines from 1936 to 1937 and first published as a standalone book in 1939. The story narrates the tragic life of a young rickshaw puller in Beijing under the rule of Northern Warlords in the 1920s. Xiangzi, whose life is marked by hardship, aspires to own his own rickshaw but faces repeated setbacks and blows. Inevitably, he descends into a life of struggle for survival, ultimately succumbing to his own downfall.

You can find the e-book here: https://www.weiy.city/book/Speed-Reading-Classics/
The illustrations in the book are generated by AI and are bilingual in both Chinese and English.

Additionally, you can explore two other e-books we have compiled:

Here is a demo video about how to use smart mobile phone to read the book.

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