I used to dream of writing English novels, but my limited abilities hindered me. Then I tried using ChatGPT and found the results to be quite good.

However, it’s not convenient to always start with “Translate the following content into English for me” because it gets really annoying.

Then, we came up with the idea of using the GTP API.

We integrated AI capabilities into specific use cases to create a translator. Eventually, we will release it.

Of course, continuous testing is still required. Currently, it can only be considered as a basic version.

Just now, we launched an OpenAI-powered translator that supports translating your text into four target languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, and Arabic.

It is free to use, you just need to input your text and select the language you want to translate to. Click the button and it will be done.

Tool link:

(Translator is under the Office on menu bar)

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