This is a Lora model for generating images about illustration-style picture.

Here are some prompts you can refer to.

flowers, green dress, smile, big eyes, short-sleeve shirt, hot pants, long hair, illustration, flowers, petals, white camisole, yellow hair, purple outfit, red rose, light blue dress, long blonde hair, black bow tie, sky background, forest, close-up, witches hat, wings, clouds, red leaves, cards, bird, wind chimes, lemons, bunny girl uniform, petticoat, hairpin, sunlight, imaginative artwork, magic stick, school uniform, ponytails, white camisole, winks at viewers, bowknots, white off-shoulder top, white petals, pleated skirt, whale, hammock

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Base Model: SD 1.5
Trigger Words: illustration

You can use illustration.safetensors to create your own images, we created four lora models, the one has the best effect.

Price: 1 $


XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.