Development environment:
macOS 10.14.4
Qt 5.11.2
Clang 8.1.0

package for vtk program

use otool command tool to find all depent library files for executable.
otool -L exe
Then we can redirect all output logs into a local file and make it as a shell script file. Rewrite it and make it works.

Then we run the script file, we will get a complete program zip.

We can get the single point pointer by polydata’s points’ interface GetPoint.
It’s not supported to change point coordinate value based on the pointer.
Because it is a duplicate of the data.

double *GetPoint(vtkIdType id)
VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= id && id < GetNumberOfPoints())
{ return this->Data->GetTuple(id); }

double *vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate::GetTuple(vtkIdType tupleIdx)
  ValueTypeT *data =
      this->Buffer->GetBuffer() + tupleIdx * this->NumberOfComponents;
  double *tuple = &this->LegacyTuple[0];
  // See note in SetTuple about std::copy vs for loops on MSVC.
  for (int i = 0; i < this->NumberOfComponents; ++i)
    tuple[i] = static_cast(data[i]);
  return &this->LegacyTuple[0];

Project code link:


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