VTK – Combine Two Mesh Objects To One

The article shows how to combine two mesh objects to one based on VTK. The code snippet is in the following part. #include <iostream> #include <vtkSmartPointer.h> #include <vtkSphereSource.h> #include <vtkActor.h> #include <vtkConeSource.h> #include <vtkRenderer.h> #include <vtkRenderWindow.h> #include <vtkPolyDataMapper.h> #include <vtkRenderWindowInteractor.h> #define vtkPtr( var, className ) vtkSmartPointer<className> var = \ vtkSmartPointer<className>::New() Read more…

C++ : Create Same BasicIO Functions For Cross-platform Compatibility

I write a few file IO functions which are used in windows and mac os x. bool CopyAFile(const std::string inFile, const std::string outFile); bool RemoveFile(const std::string filePath); void RemoveDir(const std::string folderPath); void MoveAFile(const std::string oldFile, const std::string newFile); void CheckFolderExist(const std::string folderPath); bool FileExists( const std::string path ); void HandleLastSlash( Read more…

3D Model Viewer: add grid plane and convex hull.

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