VTK WASM Error – Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘bindRenderbuffer’) at _glBindRenderbuffer

Sometimes we need to change canvas for VTK WASM 3D window.Updating renderer window and renderer is neccessary if we don’t restart all data loading.The related post is Change Canvas For VTK WASM Project. I got the following error info on the web page if do vtkSDL2OpenGLRenderWindow::Render before m_RenderWindow = newWin; (update the old rendererWindow variable). Read more…

Change Canvas For VTK WASM Project

The post demonstrates the process of configuring the 3D window after switching from the original canvas to another. After clicking on the update button at the bottom-left position on the webpage, we will call Worker::ChangeRenderWindow to handle the scene. index.html: The interface in worker.cpp: The whole project had been uploaded Read more…

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