The web page for Images To MP4:

We created python scripts.

When a user uploads a picture ZIP file, a video compression package is generated.

Read the pictures and convert it to the same size.

Write to a new video file and compress it.

Create a new web page to generate an environment for uploading files

Allows the user to change the FPS of the video to control the speed of the video.

Write PHP scripts that receive ZIP files.

And call the written Python script to accomplish the main task.

To avoid increasing disk usage, we need to detect and clean up old files in time.

To make sure the background service’s file I/O works and avoid permission problems.

Rename the owner and user group of the working directory to Apache.

Test the web page and fix the issues.

Make sure the Python interpreter and installed python package’s versions are the same.

Check the debugging information and go back to the server to check the permission management.

Give all file ownership permissions to Apache.

Finally, the video compression package was generated by online tools successfully.

Click the relevant link that appears to download it.

Double-click the video to play after local decompression.

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