SVD And Eigenvector

The eigenvector of a linear transformation doesn’t change in the transformation, and the scale of this vector under the transformation is called the eigenvalue. Practice We use 3D Model Editor to perform the following linear transformation: For more information on how to use the web app 3D Model Editor to Read more…

New Web App – To Do Tasks

We had created a new web app, to do tasks, at . You can add tasks and enjoy the working time every day. If you want to access the app easily, just do the steps in the following video to the app icon on the desktop.

Image Compressor

Here is a web app which can help you to compress your image.It’s simple to use it, just upload your image, click on the compress button and download the new picture. You can change the compressing rate for the original image by dragging the slider bar. Page:

The New Game Tetris Is Online

Tetris We had uploaded a new game Tetris on the web page: You can play on the desktop computer with four buttons, up, down, left, and right. You can also play with virtual buttons on the screen if you are using a mobile smartphone or mobile computer. Demo on Read more…

Image Color Picker
: Image Color Picker help you to read color information on image.

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