PNG is a common image format.

SVG is a vector image format. Vector images have an advantage that they can be scaled up without appearing blurry. In other words, they do not lose quality. This is why many designers often require vector images.

A new tool has been added: PNG to SVG converter.


Upload your image, click the conversion button, and you will obtain a new SVG image.

Please note that the uploaded PNG should not exceed 5MB in size.

As always, the entire process is free of charge.

Of course, if you choose to register with, it will bring you more premium services. Such as the incantation for AI-generated beautiful images, email notifications for new tool releases and upgrades, and more.

Furthermore, if you prefer not to register, you can still use our web app.

Below is a comparison between a regular image and a vector image when scaled up.

Regular Image:

Vector diagram:

Enjoy it!

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