I mainly focus on coding for software development at work. If we need some complicated 3D models, other colleagues in charge of data production will provide relevant model files.

But sometimes they give us a model that’s not at the ideal position in the 3D world, and I often want the model to be exactly at the origin (0, 0, 0). But they didn’t pay much attention to that during production, well, I had to ask them to fix it.
不过有的时候,他们给我们的模型在3D世界坐标系中不是理想的位置,很多时候,我更加想让模型刚好处于原点 (0, 0, 0)。但是他们在制作的过程中没太注意这些,嗯,很多次都是这样,我也经常让他们修改。

After that, I realized the spent time of this communication was too mush to bear. It’s better to get it done by my program. Once you’ve written the code, you can use it forever. With a little more thought, I can open up this feature. For more friends — if you’re interested.
后来,我发现这沟通的成本还不如我直接用代码处理了。写好了代码,以后直接用就行。再更多地思考,我可以把这个功能开放出来。供更多的朋友使用 —— 如果你们感兴趣的话。

Service link: 3D-Model-Editor.

另一个服务 3D-Model-Viewer:使用左键旋转。

In our case, use the right mouse button to rotate model.
Another service 3d-Model-Viewer uses the mouse left button to rotate.

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