3D Model Editor – Linear Transform Tester

There are many magical properties in matrix computation, such as: AB != BA A != 0, B != 0, but maybe AB = 0. AB = AC, A != 0, but we can’t get that B = C. People couldn’t understand why it was so different from ordinary numerical calculations […]

3D Model Editor – March Model

You can upload your target 3D model and original 3D model to the tool. Pick sample points on every model and click on the button march model, we will help you to march the red model to the target model. The red 3D model will have a new orientation and position.

3D Model Editor – Screen Shot

We support to get a screen shot for 3D Model Editor now.

You can click on the button screen shot on the right part of html page. Then the scene will be saved as an image to your local disk.

3D Model Editor – Find Non-manifold Edge And Points

In the mesh structure of 3D models, there is a kind of situation that can make many 3D algorithms useless or even break down.
Because the default input model for many 3D algorithms is a manifold structure.
But sometimes we get a data that is not manifold.

3D Model Editor – Find Inconsistently Oriented Surface

Each simple triangle in the mesh structure of the 3D model has three vertices
The order of the three vertices is clockwise or counterclockwise.
In general, all cell vertices on a model are in the same order.
If it is not consistent, that is to say it has both clockwise and counterclockwise orders, it is recognized as a bad structure in some software.

3D Model Editor – Put Model To Original Position

I mainly focus on coding for software development at work. If we need some complicated 3D models, other colleagues in charge of data production will provide relevant model files.But sometimes they give us a model that’s not at the ideal position in the 3D world, and I often want the model to be exactly at the origin (0, 0, 0).

3D Model Editor – Imported Points And Linear Transform

Here are two videos for showing using the web app on this website to show imported points and do linear transform for the mesh object. Web App : https://www.weiy.city/functions/3D-Model-Editor/ youtube youtube bilibili bilibili

3D Model Editor – Smooth And Delete Cells

Here are two videos for showing using the web app on this website to smooth local parts and delete cells of the mesh objects. Web App : https://www.weiy.city/functions/3D-Model-Editor/ youtube – local area edit youtube – local area edit bilibili – local area edit bilibili – local area edit

3D Model Editor – Fill Hole And 3D Convex Hull

Here are two videos for showing using the web app on this website to fill the holes on the mesh and generate convex hull for a model. Web App : https://www.weiy.city/functions/3D-Model-Editor/ youtube – fill hole youtube – convex hull bilibili – fill hole bilibili – convex hull

3D Model Editor – Decimate Mesh And Clip Model

Here are two videos for showing using the web app on this website to decrease the resolution of mesh and clip 3D model by plane. Web App : https://www.weiy.city/functions/3D-Model-Editor/ youtube – decimate data bilibili – decimate data youtube – clip 3D model bilibili – clip 3D model

3D Model Editor – Show Signal Filters Graph In 3D Model Editor

In graphics and signal processing, there are many filters to compute data.
We show two signal processing filters Gaussian filter and tent filter at our web tool 3D Model Editor.

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