In the past two months, we have unfortunately experienced incidents where our server’s CPU usage became excessively high, resulting in site outages.

After analyzing the backend data, we have implemented restrictions on the usage frequency of the tex-to-docx and png-to-svg tools, as follows:

  1. Regular users will only be able to view the tool descriptions, with access to the tool interface hidden, and usage privileges denied.
  2. Only registered site users will have access to both tool interfaces for normal usage.

These measures are designed to avoid inconvenience for users who genuinely need these tools, as registration remains free. The rules help us filter out users who are unwilling to register and, with the aid of login interval restrictions, reduce the probability of severe server resource consumption.

We appreciate your understanding.

Furthermore, we have recently released a variety of exquisite images, with themes ranging from the night sky, dandelion girls, sunsets, the ocean, and seagulls, to lone wolves under the full moon and companions in the park. You can explore them in our latest blog posts.

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XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.

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