Using LLDB To Explore Why My Program Crashed

Last night I read some pages in VTKUsersGuide to learn VTK factory mechanism. I got the basic steps of defining my own factory and use it. Implement virtual function which is declared in vtkObjectFactory. virtual const char* GetVTKSourceVersion(); virtual const char* GetDescription(); Create Object Use the protected function RegisterOverride which Read more…

Shell Script Practice Set 1

notes ${} 和 $[] $[expression] can calculate easily. ${expression} can tell us the value of a element in array. eg val1=23 val2=24 echo $val1+$val2 echo $[$val1+$val2] #it is equal to `echo $(( $val1+$val2 )` [edemon@CentOS workspace]$ ./ 23+24 47 assign values to array. array=(`echo {1..10}`) echo ${array[0]}” “${array[9]} [edemon@CentOS workspace]$ Read more…

XOR Strings
: Input your strings, the tool can encrypt and decrypt them.